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China hits out at ‘Western colonialism’ as it backs Argentina’s Falkland claim

I told you the world needs China people who love freedom and want to rule their own destiny need China because without China the imperialists are like a hot knife through butter

Yes, China is a contributor to world peace. China also helps countless developing countries.

Just look how many countries USA invaded in the past 100 years compared to China. Yet, USA still tries to paint China as a threat and warmongering nation.


This is a pretty interesting topic of discussion given that Falkland residents are granted British citizenship by default, while Hongkongers were specifically denied it

There are only a few thousand people on the Falklands and almost every single one is white.

Based. The British empire must be completely dismembered for humanity to have peace.

"99.7 per cent voted in favour of remaining a British territory."

The "islanders", as the UK calls them, were white British people implanted on the islands to sustain UK's colonial claims. They have no right to be called "islanders" a term which implies a native origin.

It is outrageous for the UK to still claim a territory that is 8,064 miles away, and to use referendums of its own implanted population to sustain this colonial claim. What a fucking farce!



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