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Catholic women who have relationships with non-Catholic men

Devout Catholic women are very rare (Proverbs 31:10), which already makes things very hard for us devout Catholic men. But then you have these Catholic women marrying unbelievers, making our lives even more hard.

By marrying unbelievers, these women even put themselves and their children in spiritual/moral danger: "Bad company corrupts good character" (1 Corinthians 15:33).

These women are even worse than race traitors who complicate the lives of men of low value races by marrying white chads.

Their unbeliever husbands/boyfriends must be exterminated.

you are being kind of cuckish by the whole exterminate their boyfriends kind of thing,when really women are the only ones at fault.if 99.999% of a gender just wants to bang some small percentage of the other chad,it's not a mens issue it's a womens issue.

catholic women who marry man outside of the faith are disgusting pests who no one should respect.they are less then whores for at least whores have something to show to despite their degeneracy(much money for their children),whilst catholics whores have nothing to show apart from divorces from 8 men and 3 kids one of them who is a tranny soon to become statistic and the other two are whores whose they only church they belong to,is to the church of satan.

now,i am not saint,nor did i ever claim to be so,but it blows my mind how some people have everything yet fuck it up.

My logic is "if we kill the unbelievers, these women can remarry, and this time to Catholic men".

What about women who meet Christian men who are Protestant/Orthodox?

When I wrote this thread I had all "unbelievers" in mind: Atheists, Protestants, Jews, Orthodox, Pagans... Catholic women should marry Catholic men, basically.



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