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Here is one way to protect yourself from DEW, and I have seen it come up alot but is anybody catching on what to do.
First thing is shield your smart meter so well that they can barely get a signal out, you wont get in trouble as long as they can read the signal but you can block it to a point where they cant use it to ignite your house.

Also add an extra ground to the casing to help dissipate any surge or apply a negative DC current, (doesn’t have to be much) to the box.

“DEWS: Could a Laser/DEW hit Air Force One? not possible to hit it, White hats don’t have control of DEW, but close, Light blue on AF1 protects from DEWs.”

Lets take that information and start painting everything blue and light blue.

Save yourselves and family and property by doing so, more and more confirmation is pointing toward this so that is a BIG CLUE!!!!

The DEW laser is in the BLUE spectrum and it wont ignite anything on the same wavelength, remember a color even a painted one is a wavelength.

Make sense?

Or you could also build a pyramid to shield your property and what that does is it destabilizes the lasers ability to form the plasma scintillation it needs to solidify the beam strength.

The pyramid that I have constructed emits seven different types of waves and covers about 120-250 km at altitude, it effectively stops them from DEW’ing Vancouver Island, so they have resorted to using human assets to attempt to engulf it, which is easier to stop then DEW.
Personally I would do both the pyramid and the painting everything light blue so not only would you be protecting yourself but it would protect huge areas as well, which would protect others.

Take this information to heart if you want to save yourself, family and property.

many blessings

Will serving Creation



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