Fearofeight #sexist #psycho incels.is

Imagine I own a fleshlight, I coom into it a couple times a week, and then every friday I would take it to the club and pass it around for people to coom on it.

I never clean it with soap, maybe rinse it with water every now and then.

Then I offer you the fleshlight for $35k (average wedding cost in USA), also even after you buy it you can’t stop me from taking it out clubs every weekend or taking it home with me whenever I want, otherwise you’re toxic and controlling. You just have to trust.

Another condition is that you regularly go down on and lick the fleshlight.

If you break any of the conditions I take the fleshlight away, half your house, cars and money, also you will owe me a third of your paycheck for the next 18 years.

Seem like a good deal?



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