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What is not being talked about with regard to the overall objective and amassing of troops by the U.S. (under the guise of their NATO alignment) is the paranormal/ET angle. What I am getting is that this entire maneuver by US and Russia to create a “war game” and war scenario where Russia is seen as the “invader” is a ruse to cover the necessary actions these two super powers must take to deal with the ET race or races involved in both Ukraine and Crimea and handle the fall-out from their presence.

First, we know that Crimea contains 9 pyramids along the coast as well as a particular highway running between mountain ranges along the valley where anomalous occurrences happen often.

Secondly, in Ukraine, I was told there is a mountain which is considered by the Illuminati to be where “the devil lives’. This mountain is considered a center of dark magic.
The important distinction here is the growing need for the public to understand that we are often under threat and invaded by various ET/Undersea/Inner Earth races on a planet-wide basis. The fact that UFOs/ETs, other civilizations from other planets are constantly interacting with us both individually and with our military and is not revealed to the worlds peoples is a travesty necessitating a constant barrage of disinformation and lies in media.
Of course the stand-off occurring in Ukraine and Crimea could be handled somewhat differently if the public were aware of the truth. Perhaps a better negotiation without the need for human bloodshed and the unnecessary death of young vaxxed soldiers could be avoided if this were known. However, in that case the dark side experiment with their recently vaxxed/ transhuman experimental victims would not be carried out with the same amount of dark intent. From the pov of the dark Luciferian magicians and their governmental blood lusting minions this would probably be considered a sad lost opportunity…



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