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RE: Don Lemon FACE MELTS When Brit Says WHITES Deserve Reparations FROM Black People For Ending Slavery

This is perhaps the most hopeful thing I have heard in years. Pushing back against the reparation bullsh*t and telling the truth that these worthless creatures will never own up to.

(Cool PapaJMagik)
Whoever said that is a hero. The antiwhite problem in America is nothing to laugh or poke fun at. Thank you, whoever this is and we need more of this

I've been saying africa owes reparations since I was a kid and as an black American it feels me with joy to hear it. Plus why is viola hyper focused on girl and women soldiers when the concept of child soldiers (mostly boys) are prevalent even today

(Sunaya Kong)
Thank you for doing this show. Here in California they are moving forward with some kind of “reparations” legislation ignoring the details of the history of slavery. Already some land, taken from the owners, has been “given back” to tribes. I have been trying to educate people mostly kids about the first country to put an end to slavery and the biography of William willberforce. When people think of Britain they think of colonialism, but they don’t think about what they sacrificed to actually put an end to slavery, not just in Britain but the world.

(Useful idiom)
I’ve never understood how people think reparations would actually work especially since there were over 6,000 black slaveowners in America alone. Combine that with the fact that only 2% of American landowners actually owned slaves. Add to that only 3% of current day Americans have ancestors who actually lived in the U.S. at the time. And don’t forget about the hundreds of thousands of White Irish slaves.

The INSTANT that she said "the beginning of the supply chain" you could see his face drop... because he KNOWS where it began. He has just spent his whole career pretending not to.

Im shocked that someone actually said this on TV! Maybe people are finally sick of all of this maybe the tides are turning

(James Palmer)
I absolutely LOVED the way Don reacted. It was like she just up & slapped him across the face with a wet fish. He had absolutely NO counter argument or statement to say. NONE.



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