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The BLM Riots Were A Million Times Worse Than January 6th

Republicans should be doing the exact same thing with the BLM riots. All of the time that the Democrats spend talking about January 6th, Republicans should be spending the exact same amount of time talking about the BLM riots and in that case it would not be dishonest or cynical because unlike January 6th the BLM riots of 2020 were in fact an assault on our way of life, our civilization, our democracy if you like.

They were deadly. They were actually deadly, they were catastrophic, they were unthinkably tragic and they were explicitly supported every step of the way by every elected Democrat in the country. They resulted in 25 deaths, dozens of injuries, two billion dollars of damage across the country. They sparked a crime surge that still hasn't died away. They were several orders of magnitude worse than january 6th worse in every way by every conceivable metric. They had exactly the destabilizing effect on our system that January 6th allegedly had.

Crime is running rampant in many of the cities where these riots occurred. They therefore have a lasting impact and a relevance that january 6th does not have. The BLM rioters have paid almost no price at all. This is why the BLM riots represent an ongoing existential threat in a way that January 6th does not, never did, never could and never will.

Most people on the right condemned January 6th. That hasn't happened on the left on with the BLM riots. This is a point that Republicans could make over and over again. They could have candlelight vigils for the officers killed or injured by BLM. They could make sure that nobody ever forgets the date when David Dorn was shot in cold blood by a BLM militant, or the date when BLM militants invaded a police station in Minneapolis and burned it to the ground while the officers ran for their lives.

Republicans could do that, but they don't, because they are feckless, hapless, incompetent, and scared.



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