Charlie Kirk & Various Commenters #wingnut

(Charlie Kirk)
They are trying to stop a constitutional decision to overturn Roe v Wade by leaking DRAFTS of Supreme Court opinions.

Arrest the leakers.

Leakers —> DC Jail; this is more an insurrection than anything that happened on J6

Leaker(s) won't be arrested, the person(s) work for the democrats and we all know they are above the law

Will this be the reason they’ll unleash their ANTIFA goons to burn our cities this summer?

As the Socialist Democrats sink in the polls they always resort back to playing up female fears. Breakout the ol’ hysteria about how women are going to loose their bodily rights, which is hype. No matter the circumstances, no one has the right to end the life of an innocent human because it’s an inconvenience to your lifestyle. Preventive measures are readily available, for couples to not conceive, there is no excuse not to use them.

The whole illegitimate Biden regime should be removed.


spoilerIt’s no longer Democrat vs. Republican
It’s Communism vs. Freedom
Or Maybe something worse
Moloch Luciferians vs. God



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