PPEcel & Nicole Poole Franklin #psycho #racist #sexist incels.is

Deranged femoid receives 25-year federal sentence for running over two children with her car in racially motivated attack. Reddit barely notices.

Hmm. Why did this member of le empathetico genderino commit such a heinous crime?

Poole Franklin stated she saw the female minor victim walking on the sidewalk, and decided to run the minor over because she was Hispanic, was “takin’ over our homes, and our jobs” and “wasn’t supposed to be in the country.” In reference to the 12 year old boy, Poole Franklin stated she ran him over because “he’s just like ISIS,” and “he’s not supposed to be there and he’s going to take me out.”

Yikes! Sounds like she has a great personality.

convictions for stabbing her paramour

she bit her husband, brandished a knife, and repeatedly said she would kill him

Remember, sweaty, only femoids can be victims of domestic abuse!

Federal sentencing guidelines recommended a 30-year sentence. The judge erred on the side of leniency and sentenced her to 25 years and 4 months.

But what's even more revealing is how little attention this case is getting from the usual crowd of SJWs. If it were not for my subscription to the DOJ's email alerts, I wouldn't have learnt about it.

Let us envision another situation. Suppose a conventionally unattractive man runs over two teenage girls with his car. When asked why he did it, he says "well, they're pretty girls". The Redditverse would no doubt erupt in anger and righteous indignation, describe it as "terrorism", make hundreds if not thousands of posts, make crude prison rape jokes, ask for the death penalty, and request that governments curtail online freedom of expression.

But a white femoid with a rap sheet rivalling that of the most hardened of gangbangers decides to hit two ethnics with her car? Well, I guess it's a non-issue. M'lady was just mentally ill!

Of course redditors and sjw ignore this when she is same as them, racist and man-hater, she should be reddit saint.



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