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RE: [SuicideFuel] If you think not all women are manipulative whores, observe your mother.

Watch how she talks to your dad, the wording she uses and how she uses it.

About half the time you'll notice the snake mouth, where shes trying to get something without saying it directly, manipulating your father to say it himself, as if it was his desire in the first place.

I had high estrogen for like a week cause of increased prolactin, and I became evil and mischievous as fuck. This is the default state for women.

Are you serious? Explain more.

Many people believe that testosterone is what makes men aggressive, but that’s a lie. Testosterone makes men collected and relaxed in high tension situation. Estrogen is the hormone responsible for overt mood swings and specifically emotions such as anger, jealously and holding grudges. I was taking mk677 which coupled with puberty sky rocketed my estrogen levels. I became impulsive, always angry. I hated people over the smallest of things. Women are like this everyday in their life’s. It’s makes sense since female queens for example had a much higher chance of starting war than males.

I don't think this science is correct here.
Testosterone is connected to aggression. When you cut off a male dog's balls, he produces less testosterone and gets less aggressive, right? That's because less test.
Ever heard of roid rage? That's caused by increased testosterone levels.

Testosterone causes aggression when theres a risk involved. It makes people more fair all around: Estrogen causes people to be angry over the smallest of things. Teens who were socially dominant were shown to have higher testosterone levels and low estrogen levels. Teens who were physically aggressive have shown to have high estrogen coupled with high T.

Roid rage happens because your high testosterone levels get converted into estrogen. Endogenous testosterone helps you get calmer. Exogenous fucks you up. Testosterone negatively predicts physical aggression without a stimuli.



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