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[On how Star Wars is a secret Jewish allegory for "Christ's Story"]

The Crucifixion
After the battle Anakin is horrifically maimed, having now lost 4 limbs which represents the nails going through his limbs and
ultimately the crucifixion.

Obi-Wan (Jews) didn't want to do it, but he (they) had to because Anakin (Christ) was evil. Had Christ only seen things their way.

The Resurrection
Rather than Christs resurrection being dedicated as miraculous and glorious, we instead get a warped perspective.
Anakin is put back together as a machine in pain and agony. This is a completely mockery of Christ.

The 1000 year Reign of Christ
With Vader at the forefront leading legions of storm troopers around the galaxy, who look just like him (Christians with Christs
Holy Spirit). They massacre any resistance, conquer whole worlds and tyrannize the galaxy. This is essentially whites accepting Christianity, ending all other religions and kicking Jews out of their countries.

The Ending
So deep down Jews know they can't win and their doomed no matter what. However in this s ci-fi movie the outcome can be different.This is where the Jews write their own version to the conclusion of Christ's Revelation. In this series of events Lukee Skywalker (who can be any Christian) convinces Darth Vader (Christ) that he was wrong all along, that his way is not the righteous way.

Vader (Christ) turns against Palpatine (Yahweh) and destroys him, later dying himself. Impossible and ridiculous but this is a Jew's deranged mind we're dealing with. The outcome is Jews are left to their own devices, to rule the world unchallenged without God who has destroyed himself. After first realizing the Jews were right all along.



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