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Why I Would Vote for Donald Trump if I Were American

I write from central Europe, and like racially conscious whites everywhere, I closely follow your elections. Despite its declining economic and political power, the United States is still a mighty source of popular culture and ideology, almost all of it poisonous.

While President Trump has slowed immigration, he has not stopped or reversed it. You are still hurtling toward minority status in your own country. He has forced your opponents to show their true selves. He has unmasked the deep state and driven the media to an unprecedented level of fury and open contempt for whites. This has opened the eyes of whites, not just in your countries but in Europe. At the same time, to the astonishment of European Identitarians, ever since the death of George Floyd, the cultural revolution against your people has reached a new level of hysteria. From overseas, some of us wonder why American patriots “back the blue,” even when the police ignore rioters and looters, and the FBI considers “domestic violent extremists” as dangerous as foreign or Islamic terrorism.

Even worse for us overseas, your elites support an international, structurally liberal system that hurts whites everywhere. Your biased but cleverly plotted movies and television programs are now seen in every part of the world and help explain why there are Black Lives Matter protests from the United Kingdom to South Korea. Your State Department funded opposition to the Hungarian government. When even a Republican government opposes healthy European nationalism, can you not imagine what we fear from Democrats?



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