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Online people mock curry confidence.


But the most confident guys out there are the asians. I have never heard of an asian that wasn't in possession of situational awareness. The asians never discuss their microdong, the asians k1ll themselves when their asian social facade is uncovered. For this reason I think the asians are the most confident race out there. Nobody surpasses asian confidence.


They tell you to be confident and at the same time mock confident men

When online people discuss confidence meme, they just refer to situational awareness. The curries online that ask for bobs vegana are sure confident, but they get ridiculed nonetheless.

When redpillers discuss "confidence", they mean in reality "confidence company man", because they are descendants of scammers that operate in the low level Ponzi blocks, some of them are millionaires, but vast majority is dirtpoor and ideologically inferior. They don't even believe that change is possible, afterall they were born from parents that sold supplements for a living. When you deal with redpillers and other inferior underlings, usually best solution is to genocide them, like it was done in russia for classes of normies that were't salvageable anymore.



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