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Becoming a Succubus

A very large number of both men and women (though disproportionately MTF, as might be expected) want to become succubi rather than date them.

One guy thought he’d been turned into a succubus by being bitten. While succubi are vampiric, biting doesn’t turn you into one.

Unfortunately the transformations discussed here are primarily astral and have little discernible effect on the material plane. At best you gain an intense sexual aura so strong members of both sexes stare at you with desire. Meanwhile, you’re turned on all the time too.

On the other hand it’s a great way to increase dysphoria. I’ve never heard of an FTM using this as a tool of repression.

The most conventional way is to be in a sexual relationship with a succubus for a long period of time. Several bloggers in long term relationship with succubi have talked about this effect.

Lilith (and with high probability Agrat, Naamah, and Eisheth too) uses a much faster method. A small piece of the future succubus’s soul is removed from its body, feminized, reshaped into a piece of succubus soul and returned. The process repeats until the entire soul is transformed.

For those who don’t feel comfortable having their souls finely chopped, there’s another way, utilized by succubi unaligned with the four queens. I don’t want to talk about succubus politics here. I’m told that one subgroup uses the second method I described, but they have a reputation for violent misandry.

They use a device which knocks the patient unconscious and does its work over a couple of hours at most. Though I’m not a succubus, I was gifted this style of empowerment.

To compensate for the recruit starting as an adult, a donor succubus shares skills and memories which are implanted during the transformation.

This is a great way to stop caring about your current life. I’ve heard succubi mention their family before joining in the past tense, like they aren’t related any more. It’s a great deal if you’re a child and have nothing.



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