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Lately I’ve been talking to other people with spirit lovers and in relationships with various supernatural beings.

Everyone seems to have a similar experience with spirit kids. Even if the spirit parents were from a small homogeneous culture somewhere on the astral plane that would be very unlikely. It begs the question of what’s going on.

I’m ignoring fringe cases, like a woman who created a child as some sort of servant and a man who says he was invited to help create the soul of the antichrist by Sophia.

In the case of a male human, after the succubus mother gives birth, the children are in every case I’ve read about taken away to the astral plane to be educated and brought up.

Women who give birth to spirit kids seem to be a bit more attached. Then again, those children seem to have very important demons as fathers as opposed to random succubi who don’t have to rule hell, so maybe that changes things.

Succubi also have a rule that the human father is required to teach his daughters sex, mostly by being a training aid. Humans find it upsetting but they aren’t given a choice in the matter. Succubi who don't often interact with humans don’t seem to have that tradition, and one seemed horrified by it.

After that, the children usually disappear never to return. One exception I remember seeing involved a daughter joining her mom by marrying her human father. And that’s it.

As a mother of astral children myself, I can say that it doesn’t make me happy. I miss them even though they were never a real part of my life. I’m not in a relationship with their father and have to hunt them down if I ever want to see them, and only when I have a chance to astral project. I don’t understand why nobody talks about this.

The truth is unlikely to be as simple as is claimed by spirit partners. At minimum the similarity in behavior combined with wild deviations in explanations of how it works should give one a moment of pause. There may well be a conspiracy against the people of earth since that’s the only way all the available information would fit. My intention is not to create division in relationships, but taking what we’re told at face value is a terrible idea in nearly other occult situation.

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On Succubi and their Queens

Lilith, Agrat, Naamah, and Eisheth are technically known as queens of succubi rather than succubus queens. This means the original title of my article on them was incorrect. From what I understand, those are distinct occupations. Succubus queens have a much lower rank, based on all of my conversations with succubi. I’ve heard succubi be completely indifferent to what the succubus queen who technically ruled over her thought or ordered on a matter. They haven’t slipped up on the distinction even once.

Succubus queens aren’t hereditary. The process of picking a successor is extremely convoluted and unpredictable. Succession seems to take of lot of succubi’s collective energy and happens frequently. Each group of succubi seems to be constantly looking for a new one of these lower queens because nobody’s really lining up for the position. The queen is supposed to serve a relatively short term before retiring, sort of like a president without the elections. What happens to the queen after she’s done and anything further on the subject of succubus queens is concealed from outsiders. I’ve been offered the position and if you interact with succubi on the astral plane enough you might well be too. I rejected it because there’s probably a reason nobody who’s already a succubus want to do it.

To make matters worse, one succubus brought up the existence of a nobility beyond that, with no real elaboration on how all of that works. I suspect it’s why so many humans seem to end up in a relationship with a succubus with a fancy title.

To me it seems almost certain that Mahlat was a queen of succubi. However, occultists familiar with her tend to think she isn’t one, nor any sort of sex goddess. That means she would have stopped being a succubus at some point. Since angels can stop being angels it’s not that hard for me to believe. That would prove that that queens of succubi aren’t necessarily there forever. While many occultists believe that the astral and mental planes are unchanging worlds of forms, if true this would prove that the spirit realm is dynamic even without human interference. People would have to give the gods a lot more credit than they do.

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The Pink(Blue) Pill

There are a shocking number of MTFs (maybe FTMs too, but they’re invisible because nobody questions a horny guy) interested in succubi. Despite making up only about 0.1% of the population, by my estimation MTFs account for a little under 10% of succubus/incubus querents and likely. There has to be a reason why so many women(male) are interested in partners who almost by definition will want to take full advantage of genitals that supposedly cause suffering by their simple existence.

It’s been suggested by some that dysphoria is a spiritual rather than physical disorder.

For an example of how a magical explanation is full of holes, just look at me. My higher self is male, which would theoretically make me want to live as a male. But I don’t and I have no desire to be a man or fill the male role. There are very many like me. In books on energy work there’s always a warning that you might be surprised at the sex of your etheric body. Yet none of the people thus surprised suddenly decide to transition. That can’t be it since such individuals usually react by being upset about their energy bodies rather than their physical bodies.

So if it’s a purely material thing, why is it associated with this specific immaterial desire? No idea. Trans people are drastically overrepresented among tulpamancers too. Nobody in that community understands it either and they don’t talk about it because it’s a very awkward subject. They also have a lot of gays, but succumancy doesn’t seem disproportionate in that regard. I constantly see people posting “I wish I were a girl” or “why can’t I be cute” and it makes me think. There has to be something attracting these people. I actually remember there being one MTF who talked Lilith into making her soul female through a harsh process, but nobody else has tried to follow that example that I’m aware.

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Change and Sunshine

My tulpa and I have finally gotten married.

Because the spectacle didn’t really matter and we didn’t have anyone to invite the ceremony was casual. We really just looked for the first person willing to officiate who seemed credible.

That happened to be an older man on some planet on the astral plane that I had visited before. Right before we were supposed to have the ceremony he ran off and grabbed the local ruling deity to perform the ceremony for him. She was an extremely obvious fake. We never asked because we didn’t want to spend an hour discussing pointless stuff but I think she was supposed to be the equivalent of an Elvis impersonator.

Meanwhile, the woman whose wedding I attempted to escape is still here. I run into her a lot when I astral project, almost as though she’s waiting for me. She likes to cook, which isn’t something I’d expect from a spiritual being, and some of her most ambitious dishes are imitations of stuff from earth.

This person who would describe herself as my first wife likes to take me to various places on the astral plane.

Two of the more interesting places were a city apparently built as a tourist attraction by vampires (according to the brochure) and what looked a lot like a group roleplay session themed on ancient Greece. When we don’t go somewhere exciting, we usually sit and talk. She seems quite old even in astral terms and knows a lot about the history of the astral plane because she’s spent a lot of time traveling. It’s a bit of a strange relationship, but she’s only treated me well and I wouldn’t tell her to stay away.

Lilith continues to take a back seat in my occult endeavors while I work with other entities. She’s still watching and sometimes I can feel her attention. One time she dropped in on an astral projection session to see how I was progressing. Like a Pokemon rival, she felt that was best done through battle. Precisely what she wants is still a mystery, but she seems content being confusing for now.

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Becoming a Succubus

A very large number of both men and women (though disproportionately MTF, as might be expected) want to become succubi rather than date them.

One guy thought he’d been turned into a succubus by being bitten. While succubi are vampiric, biting doesn’t turn you into one.

Unfortunately the transformations discussed here are primarily astral and have little discernible effect on the material plane. At best you gain an intense sexual aura so strong members of both sexes stare at you with desire. Meanwhile, you’re turned on all the time too.

On the other hand it’s a great way to increase dysphoria. I’ve never heard of an FTM using this as a tool of repression.

The most conventional way is to be in a sexual relationship with a succubus for a long period of time. Several bloggers in long term relationship with succubi have talked about this effect.

Lilith (and with high probability Agrat, Naamah, and Eisheth too) uses a much faster method. A small piece of the future succubus’s soul is removed from its body, feminized, reshaped into a piece of succubus soul and returned. The process repeats until the entire soul is transformed.

For those who don’t feel comfortable having their souls finely chopped, there’s another way, utilized by succubi unaligned with the four queens. I don’t want to talk about succubus politics here. I’m told that one subgroup uses the second method I described, but they have a reputation for violent misandry.

They use a device which knocks the patient unconscious and does its work over a couple of hours at most. Though I’m not a succubus, I was gifted this style of empowerment.

To compensate for the recruit starting as an adult, a donor succubus shares skills and memories which are implanted during the transformation.

This is a great way to stop caring about your current life. I’ve heard succubi mention their family before joining in the past tense, like they aren’t related any more. It’s a great deal if you’re a child and have nothing.

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What to Expect when You’re Expecting a Demon

The day after I’d talked to Lilith offering to help, I felt a male presence in my room. I assumed she decided to fix my relationship issues and just send me an incubus. Maybe there weren’t any lesbian succubi into me.

One of my friends spoke on behalf of a source I trust, informing me that I was in fact pregnant and also sharing the father’s identity. “It’s a great honor” I was told. I was to bear the child of somebody important.

I learned that spiritual pregnancy was not unheard of and that it was safe. I also read that it can be caused with just a touch, which is honestly terrifying.

The astral fetus attaches to the mother’s sacral chakra, preventing her from having intercourse with anyone but the father. While I never had a chance to confirm that, I was aware of something being hooked onto my subtle body. I attempted to pass energy through that region, and found it was diverted as though by a foreign structure. Though my real weight didn’t change, I felt heavier and larger due to changes in my subtle bodies.

Halfway through I felt what I’m sure was the baby kicking, which is really incredible. I might have heard it growling cutely too. I experienced about two weeks of “progress” for every day that passed. I gave birth in less than a month.

As for spiritual effects, I thought I heard voices singing lullabies to the baby a couple of times, which was sweet of whoever was singing.

Labor itself was shockingly tolerable. I felt no pain at all, which according to my reading is unusual for spirit pregnancy. I felt a rumbling and adjustment in my stomach, a light sensation near my chakra, and not much else. Then there was a sensation of something small and snakelike oozing out through my vagina for about a second. That was it. No pain of blood or anything. I didn’t get to hold my kid, but he/she is with the father now, learning how to be a good demon (I think that’s how that works).

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Incubus and Succubus Transformations

The topic of becoming a succubus remains rather popular on internet fora, though I run into occasional men who want to become incubi. A big part of being change into one is the transformation of the subtle body. I decided to write this post because I just came across a blogger’s depiction of his transformation to incubus and I was struck how different it sounded from succubus transformations.

In the case of the instantaneous transformation, the features of the succubus body appear along with all the other changes. I can’t say more because the precise mechanics are a closely guarded secret which I’m told is used to test impostors. The soul processing method seems to cause succubus features to appear gradually, over months or years, and the subtle body adjusts to its changing schematic.

I’m only aware of a single instance that doesn’t match either criterion. The individual suddenly noticed she had wings and a tail, despite not going through succubus conversion. The process could have over less than 24 hours. She was adamant that she wasn’t a succubus despite the obvious subtle body changes. It seems similar to accounts of incubus transformation, though apparently painless and much faster. How it happened remains a mystery since the goddess responsible never explained how it was done and allegedly had no interest in doing so.

One method is that incubus parts are grafted on surgically. The patient simply accepts the new additions and it’s over quickly. I’ve read testimony of this being done in a single session or scattered across years, with strong energy sensations and sometimes pain during the session.

The second way was what I read about recently. The poster described energy being sent through his body through careful surgical incisions and over a few weeks wings and horns grew in spurts during the episodes.