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RE: r/BlackPeopleTwitter being misogynistic as hell as always

Honestly this is why I don't say "white men" when I talk about men being misogynistic anymore.

Lol not defending white moids, they were ethnic tier in the past century (though it seems like some ppl in the radfem community have forgotten)

But ethnic moids run some of the most miserable countries for women on earth. So I don't get why you were saying that in the first place. Unless you are part of the SJW hive stuck in 2013 politics. Afghanistan, Papua New Guinea, El Salvador, DRC, etc.

Men of color proved again and again how misogynistic they are against women, especially women of color.

This is not news to us women of color who had to deal with them from day one. I am a gentle, actually cowardly person but I fcking want to literally kill all of my ethnic male relatives. They're pure scum. There is not one single good trait about ethnic moids. I would love to see all these South Asian moids swallowed up in an earthquake

"SJW hive stuck in 2013"

I was part of it

Ethnic men are simply white men without legal consequences for their actions

And who made it so there are legal consequences for people in white countries?

Some of the shit I see white men casually say online would make the peasants in my country get shocked

A lot of those posters are probably diaspora lmao trust me western ethnics are just so evil and depraved.

I doubt most of those posters are white

Vast majority is, because, you know, those posts are in english?

Western zoomers are almost majority ethnic. You really don't understand how prevalent ethnics are in major Western cities. In the UK, I might as well be in Pakistan or Nigeria.

We need to answer why white countries are "safer" but I don't think they will be safer for long. Or white anyway.

Some areas are like 80-90% non-white. Culture is dominated by ethnics, ethnic music and slang, not a single white thing is cool here. The age demographic that matters in London is definitely over 50% non-white.

And what do I perceive in the west? Women in niqabs shopping at my local mart for some fcking reason. Some of them are white I think. Wtf?



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