Jimmy Patronis, Chief Financial Officer of Florida #wingnut #dunning-kruger twitter.com

There is a former REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. sitting on the stand RIGHT NOW in BLUE NEW YORK. There is NO VICTIM in the case and the judge already ruled against him before the trial starts. Virtually everyone running for President against Trump has said these charges are BS. (The judge literally said "I do not want to hear" what Trump has to say!) I generated $1.1 BILLION in interest in our Treasury. Trust me we have PLENTY OF MONEY to defend SERIOUS FLORIDA CANDIDATES from prosecution by the DOJ and other PARTISAN PROSECUTORS. Everyone (I mean that literally!) should be OUTRAGED by how our justice system is being weaponized by partisan, LEFT WING DEMOCRATS. I am more committed than ever to setting up this legal defense fund! Talking to members ASAP!



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