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[Discussion] Making women's vaginas public property who do not contribute tax wise to society isn't always enough

There needs to be a more detailed system

Lets say a 18yo single mom who never contributed and for a long time never will shall made also have their anus and oral cavity public property.

A woman who worked 10 years full time and stops contributing with taxes shall only have made their vaginas public property.

A woman who doesn't pay taxes shall have made their vagina public property instantly.

If a woman doesn't contribute with tax money for 2 years her oral cavity shall become public property. Her anus after 5.

A woman who hasn't contributed continously for a year shall have made her vagina made public property until she is 80.

A woman who has gotten their mouth and anus made public property shall have their oralacavity and anus made private property after 5 years of continuous tax contribution

Abortions shall be made illegal



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