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That makes me want them in my country even less.

Race-mixing is genocide. Nothing ends a bloodline faster than race-mixing.

@Nature_and_Race @rotifer1066 That's not exactly true. South East Asians and many Hispanics want white husbands.

@Nature_and_Race Fucking gooks and spics first off, is Easy Mode, and pretty much all you'd get is some cheap pussy, but that doesn't help us carry the 14 Words and also ruins their lineage too if you knock them up. You'd have more in common with a nice White woman anyway and that helps when raising a nice White family @travisrock99

@Nature_and_Race 100 percent. I consider it a sin against the commandment to honor thy parents.

@Nature_and_Race I feel nothing but disgust whenever I see any White person dating outside the race. Fucking repulsive retards.

@Nature_and_Race it's completely fucked in Australia...almost every second couple is a White man with some mongoloid

@Nature_and_Race Racial integration and mass nonwhite immigration is genocide. High probability Whites will choose a mate from their surroundings at school.

@Nature_and_Race White women are deceived by satan and that's why they indulge in the sickness they do

@Nature_and_Race - Women always "want" higher-status - their primary gene-survival strategy - so, of course they want White husbands.

Only severe brainwashing and abnormal cultural-norms - like social "rewards" for race-mixing and turning your kids into freaks - makes women act in the bizarre fashion we see in the (((West))), now.

This social-agenda has created the perception that "higher status" results from these abnormal behaviors - imposed with genocidal-intent, by Jews, as part of their White-Genocide Pogrom.

@ThomasFredericks @Nature_and_Race I agree. A few token blacks are artificially propped up and put in everyone's face in media and advertising. Naive white girls think that's where higher status lies. They entangle themselves with bull*hit artist blacks who are making the rounds with a dozen or more at the same time, impregnating this one and that one, and she finds herself a single mom on welfare and many times worse.



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