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God will exterminate the Anglos, Arabs, Kikes, Chinks, Niggers, Indians, Polynesians, and Spics. Only the true Aryan takes fate into his own hand, and exercises free will in the name of good, while the others either haven't eaten from the tree of knowledge (niggers/spics/polynesians) and are not truly "human" in the conscious spiritual sense of being, or are too "weak", "lacking in wisdom", "inferior" to be able resist "evil" when presented with choice (Anglos, Kikes, Indians). This was all ordained in native Aryan faiths, which blossomed into the various branches of Slavic and Iranic paganism, which blossomed the Hindu/Zoroastrian daeva vs asura worshipper divide (demon vs angels), of which Zoroastrianism gave birth to the semitic abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, which were all watered down corruptions intermixed with both divides of the true cosmic struggle due to the inferior interpretations by the lesser non-Aryan races.



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