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Jeff Durbin opens his comedy show by saying, “As Christians, we condemn, completely, racism. Racism is essentially hatred. It’s hatred for another person, another image-bearer of God, because of the color of their skin.”

I have never met any White who fits that criteria. I mean, as someone who has been called racist a lot, I can tell you, I have no hatred for any particular color. But I do hate evil, and the large majority of Blacks are monstrously evil. Not least of which for their insistence that my people have no right to live — a position nigh universal to them. No, to the extent that Blacks are hated, it is in MLK’s historic words, “not on account of their color, but the content of their character.”

And though motives vary, the Right are not motivated by hatred of anyone so much as a sense of priority for their own children and culture, and a sense of responsibility to ancestors, posterity, and God.

Most funny, though, is that Durbin’s definition of ‘racism’ is all but unanimously condemned by Blacks as ‘blatant White Supremacy.’ So, yeah, he only provokes the very people he means to appease. For all his virtue signalling, the Antifa folk to whom he’s catering regard Durbin indistinguishable from the ‘Nazis.’ He may deceive himself into believing he is on the side of the downtrodden minorities, but as an anti-abortion cis White Christian, Durbin is to them only a target, and the only people who might defend him are the mean ol’ ‘racists’ he condemns.



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