ropecel64 #racist #sexist

Blackpill tbh indians and aisans should stop being so subservient to whites

Whites really dont appreciate you or care about you, your just money for their economy, and your female counterpart is free pussy for whites. Infact seeing it now being black or hispanci is much better, you don't contribute anything but you get women, money from drug deals and actively make the country that tries to eploit you into a shithole and you exploit them. Indians and aisans should stop contributing to western society and instead exploit it until there are miscengeation laws and ethnostates for us to live in and to stop whites form cucking us tbh

Spot on what you said about blacks and hispanics. Whites have a soft spot for Blacks, Jews, and Hispanics. Most definitely. Thats why you see white foids dating blacks nowadays. Even with all of the Asian lives matter stuff going on right now, not a single AMWF in sight and SF is like 30 percent Asian.

The people white Anglos (especially white liberals) hate are Asian, Indian, and Middle eastern men.

India seems like it hates China much more than it hates England. Which is sad.

White Anglos want Japs, Koreans, and Indians to help them fight China.

Tbh i think whites like curries and especially aisans for being so subservient, for the women for being sluts and them men for helping their economy out. But they favour blacks more for some reason, especially for black male dating white females.

All I really want is an aisan united front, from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, china, japan, korea and south east aisa under one flag. With ethnostates etc. So we don't get cucked by whites. But instead we fight each other sigh.



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