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( @JohnVanderSchuit )
Was just suspended by Twitter algorithm about 10 seconds after saying "trans is mental illness"


( @Monoxoi )
@JohnVanderSchuit "Trans" is big business. Our USA fake doctors need more victims. Fools borrow 100,000's of dollars for surgeries they will regret. Then the victims become lifelong Big Pharma customers. USA "medicine" is a nonstop ripoff. We're the laughing stock of the civilized world.

( @MrFairdinkum )
You are right 100%

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@MrFairdinkum @JohnVanderSchuit It feels so free to be on Gab! Trannies are autogynephiliacs and there are only two genders!

( @Possumslurpie )
@JohnVanderSchuit Holy WOW! You got suspended for telling the TRUTH! That has become all too common these days since communists hate the truth.

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@Possumslurpie @JohnVanderSchuit We need to bring back mental institutions!

( @Possumslurpie )
@Lycaenops_Angusticeps @JohnVanderSchuit Amen, we have to have a place to house all the democrats.

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@Possumslurpie @JohnVanderSchuit Lock them all up and throw away the key!

( @Lycaenops_Angusticeps )
@JohnVanderSchuit I also got banned by calling trannies mentally ill. Kind of a badge of honor at this point!

( @FactoryDan )
@JohnVanderSchuit Hopefully that will be resolved soon. Trans is a mental Illness trying to push their agenda on our children.

( @AztecuahnayaM )
@JohnVanderSchuit Hmm.

Trans is a mental illness.

( @CholoatePoodle )
@JohnVanderSchuit So is Homosexuality



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