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[Debate topic: “Should women have the right to vote?”]

Women are natually communists As the weaker and more vulnerable sex, Women always tend towards communist and socialist programs that to know ones surprise, Always benefit women at the expense of men. All men are created equal. Notice women were not mentioned for a reason. Women never treat men equally and expect men to pay for the pleasure of their company.

As a woman myself, I don’t think that women should vote. ... I am fully aware that tough decisions will always result in someone gaining and others losing. Unfortunately ... women(most women) don’t understand that decisions can never made to the benefit of all. The world is neither happy nor is it fair and it’s not our responsibility to shed tears and sympathize for people that would never do the same for us in the reverse situation. Women are too emotional and it’s dangerous to run a country with feelings. Even though this would remove my voting rights along with the other women ... I would still be willing to forfeit that right if it meant saving our country from all the stupid women.

Women never fought for their rights How many women died in the revolutionary war, The spanish-american war ... The civil war, WW1 and WW2 ... Or any other war in the history of america? ... Millions of men died for the rights enjoyed in america and the freedoms we have. No women have. Women have not earned any rights whatsoever and there very existence is at the mercy of men as we could kill all women at any moment.

The decline of western civilization . . . Can be directly correlated with women making political decisions. Historically men and women always had a balanced power dynamic and men's decisions have always been influenced by women as much as men have made their own conclusions. Now society's decision making is skewed too far to one side. To say women's right to vote is about fairness is disingenuous, It's really about power.



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