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RE: [LifeFuel] Based niggers throws black foid into the dumpster



So a group of Black Men threw this Black girl in a dumpster last night as they all laughed and recorded her

HAHAHAHAHA The look on her face at the end.


That's all she's thinking about. She's not thinking about hoe embarrassed she looks online because she's still getting the attention and knows one simp is watching that and will find out where she lives and go "I'll fuck her." and she will fuck her troubles away.

This won't change anything about her.


This is what happens to worthless cunts, based, no simping


She looks so happy to be in her rightful place :)


to where she belongs. turns out niggers can get rid of the trash they leave behind.


jfl white mayo fags need to get on nigger levels

Cumskins are too soy and beta for that.

they are submissive faggots but love to hate on blacks while sitting infront of a screen, watching bulls breeding their white wives


Now it’s battle of “who’s most oppressed”. Will niggers defend their own men, or rush to their gross women?

Whites are restrained by Jews. Some of them do shit like the guy who shot up antifa in New Mexico when they tried taking down the conquistador statue.

Blacks can do what they want because the media won’t kill them and then push the narrative they’re all bad. If a white does anything the media will just racebait and the pushback against whites will be worse.

i get that, but shouldn't whites run numbers game at this point?
i just know that enough white people dislike blacks in burgerland. rise up you pussies.

Not really. Jews really do have control of white westerners. If a race war were to happen it would be whites killing whites.


Blacks living up to the stereotypes.
Should have shipped them back to the Black Continent after the abolition.
Unfortunately (((they))) killed Lincoln before he was able to do that.

And other whites were sold the lie that, given enough time, they would integrate to the western culture and become civilized.
We can clearly see now that it will never happen.



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