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Black people when they are annoyed, riot.

White people, when we are annoyed form sniper kill squads and make it clear no such thing as a "police officer" is allowed to exist and if they show up, they get pfft, pffft, and no one saw nothing.

If we are REALLY annoyed, trucks full of chemicals start blowing up.

Notice Antifa. No one of any merit in Antifa is other than White. These are the people locking police in their headquarters and then setting fire to it. They haven't quite perfected what they are doing, but I'd like to point out that this was not happening until White people got involved.

Biden better rethink what he is doing or he is likely to just take his medication and discover his White doctor is a patriot.

Notice how frantic they were to try and reframe some hijinks by a few pissed off Trump supporters as high treason and how this did not in any way work.

They were terrified. As well they should be.

White cannot be replaced by anyone, especially blacks. What happens when this reaches a critical threshold is collapse.

After it happens, all things will revert to local politics ONLY. No one will be allowed to move. Blacks will be shot on sight while anyone with high IQ or skills might be welcomed.

A post collapse America, is our near future, not a "democracy" run by non-whites to their benefit only.

Most cities are going to burn and be barricaded to prevent refugees. If you want to live there, like all opportunities, whites excel. Be a warlord. Show the local blacks you can lead them to slaughter and cannibalize their neighbors and you will be king of the trasheap. Understand, once upon a time, white people did do this occassionally....especially once non-whites got a taste for drugs.



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