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West*rn Europe 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


"immigration is not bad" just fucking look at Sweden.

Only cucks say that, Sweden rape rate went up by 200% in 2015 when the mass immigration happened


Lmao we are the Lowest 😎💪🏻 And they call us criminals...

They didn't count stealing territory #kosovojesrbijaa #raskajecrnagora 😤😤😤


Fucking hillarious that w*stoids always talk about how unsafe Eastern Europe is

Sweden is very dangerous because there's so many kurds

True. If westerns had our mentality and stopped being soft hoes they wouldn't be fucked by a bunch of immigrants, when everyone violent then no one is violent.


Pretty sure the higher the income inequality is, the more robbery there will be. we are all equally poor so it's not so common 🙃 Nothing to rob, politicians took it all 🙃🙃🙃

No. Income inequality and Sweden and Norway is virtually the same. I could tell you one policy that is vastly different in both countries though……..


wonder why swedenistan is so high

Cause Middle Eastern immigrants,multi culturalism sure went good for them.

so strange, the more homogenous a country the lower the robberies...

Hmm, I wonder who’s responsible for those robberies in such diverse countries! Surely not…


I mean, Russia is claiming to have lot less street agressions than west Europe. But Russia don't Dela with "ordinary violence".

So ... Not gonna follow this one ;)

We have a ton of migrant on migrant wars in Moscow. Pretty crazy to watch.



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