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At the absolute center of this fight over “energy” is really the vampire regimes versus the energy self sufficient secret space alliance between Russia and the U.S. Space Force under Trump and the Patriots.

Other countries factor in only so far as how they align themselves or are forced into alliance with one dominant side or the other. The globe is being split between the countries that join the Globalists versus those aligned with Putin/Russia-Trump/Secret Space agenda.

Now within the Secret SpaceProgram is a split as well between those aligned under Trump and Space Force versus the old guard Generals who work for Rothschild.
In a sense the real war taking place on this planet is between the adrenochrome junkies and those who want to live sovereign without dependence on bloodlust to fuel their lives. The vampires versus those who are aligned with God.

It follows that if the intel I have is true, the so-called mountain where the devil lives in Ukraine and the Crimean anomalous zones surrounding the 9 pyramids occupied by what is most likely a Reptilian or Dragon Moth /vampiric race of beings becomes a focus in the war between the two sides. The drive by Trump and team (and Putin) to clean out the deep tunnels in these two border countries to Russia becomes understandable. Again what is playing out as a war scenario is more an effort to remove the entrenched races and rescue the children underground.

It makes sense that our entire globe is infiltrated by these vampiric races and in order to defeat the globalists and remove them from the planet every country must be exposed and a battle engaged.

Clearly those countries where these races dominate are those that are most under control of the Globalists. A list could be made to figure out where these bastions of Luciferians exist. And their hives are most likely primarily underground… in underground bases and tunnel systems going back through the ages.



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