Erston_0utway #sexist #racist

From a thread titled ”Muh RE4 remake is woke”

imaginee being that person who complains about game being woke because you can't oversexualise women.

Imagine being that person who thinks a skirt and sweater is oversexualised. I couldn't give 2 fucks about the outfit as a busty woman I'm more tired tired of seeing cupsizes cut in half for no reason other then "Waaaa people like boobs so bad"

In original you were able look up her skirt which was wrong. Also she not there to have her boobs to be starred at. She trying to survive a horrible situation. Women shouldn't be In games just to please the male gaze. It's not right. We are more than our bodies. I know busty women exist. I'm just don't like women being over sexualised.
Also my main complaint was being able look up her skirt which I'm happy they changed.

If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad. Gotta love that liberal fascism! Protecting digital women everywhere while defending Asian and Islamic culture(who actually DO sexually abuse and harass women and mutilate them)!

“If you don’t like that then don’t do it you loopy broad.”
The developers took your advice and didnt put it in the game cuz they didnt like it

Hurrah for censorship! Let’s put the women in the next game in hijabs too!

Creative decisions != censorship



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