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Then please be the first to stop all white western males from visiting Southeast Asia or East Asia for whatever reason.

I just pointed out the hypocrisy of ethnics here complaining that they can't get an European GF but refusing to go back to where they came from while arguing that "white" men are volcels, because they can always get a South East Asian GF, while also strongly being against it also!

I see anywhere from 15x to 35x more WMAF couples than AMWF couples.

I've yet to see on my own eyes any native Finnish man with a GF from countries where Finland has received massive immigration since 1990: Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Africa, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Turkey...

We Finns suffer from "JBW" (Western and Southern European men taking our women) like an Asian country. There are 4.2 British nationals of male sex living permanently here for every British national female, and those females are mostly the female children of British man, Finnish woman couples. Every western nationality mogs Finnish men, the ratios are between 2-4 for Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Greece... and the sex ratio is the reversed in those mentioned countries: there are much more Finnish women living in those countries than Finnish men. There are over double the amount of Finnish women living in the Netherlands compared to Finnish men. In the UK the ratio is even worse.

BTW, I bet I hate anglo-men more than you. I have seen so many anglo-men taking our women that every time I see a British man here, I barely can hold my rage and not kill him on the spot. It is a VERY one sided phenomenon: always the man is the anglo and the woman is Finnish in these couples. If I have to deal with them, I am as unfriendly as I can be. And there's a difference: I live where I was born, where my ancestors have lived for thousands of years. I have lived in the same town my whole life, witnessing the rise in foreigner numbers. While you have voluntarily moved to SF Bay area? Were you born in the USA?



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