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RE: A Windfall for Minority Farmers Divides Rural America


White farmer: “They’re not even thinking about the fact that they’re discriminating against us."

Why do so many white conservatives act like blacks and nonwhites and leftists "didn't mean to" do the bad things to them that they do? Why are they so naive? "Why, how does that help black lives matter???!!" or "Why, discrimating against whites only harms you in the end!" How can our people still not get it, or is it they don't want to get it?

Imagine the discrimination against whites should America become majority nonwhite.

Well we don't have to imagine it. We can see it in South Africa. It would be absolute and total discrimination.

It will be 'payback' time against whitey. Unfortunately, the 'payback' has already started and our minority status hasn't even began yet!

The fact is lots of whites, especially young whites, think we deserve it. These millennials and zoomers have such contempt and disdain for their own people.

It will never get to that because the entire world would be starving before farmers became majority non-White, just like in SA. Unlike SA though America and the world would not have White productivity to keep them fed while they pretend they are civilized. It's the final catch 22 of the Multi-Cult. Doomed even if they succeed in their mission.



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