Albatros #crackpot #sexist

Blackpill This is the reason why women are (or at least were) shamed for having a high bodycount and men are not [IT won't touch this]


spoilerim glad he doesnt have h@es but why does he npt have hOes?? am i fighting for a spot no one wants?

Woman who fucks a lot of men = disgusting, used up and unloyal - unnatractive to (non-cucked) men for evolutionary reasons

HOWEVER, a man with a high sexual success displays that he's valuable, good-looking, big dick... "if a lot of women agreed to fuck him, it means he's genetically fit for sex/reproduction and I should fuck him too" - foid

This is why men will never be shamed for having a high bodycount, because it is by definition a POSITIVE thing for a man to have, women WANT men with a high bodycount, they wonder if he must be good if so many women fucked him.



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