VillageBear #transphobia

I haven’t heard of everyone in that photo, but the ones I do know of—Maya Forstater and Kathleen Stock—are not loathsome at all but admirable.

Biological sex is real, and it is not “assigned” at birth (except perhaps in the case of rare intersex people) but determined at conception. That is not an opinion, a philosophy, or a “view” but a fact. How it is even controversial is beyond me. (And it isn’t promoting “literal genocide.”) The idea that someone should get fired from her job for saying so, or be threatened with murder and bullied by masked berserkers, to the point where she is driven from her academic post, is abhorrent. That’s what is loathsome. And those very bullies—the ones who attack attendees at an academic lecture (McGill University), shut down film showings (Edinburgh University and elsewhere), throw hysterics at the idea of a rapist being called by his actual birth name and remanded to the men’s prison where he should have been in the first place, argue that male athletes should be allowed to compete in women’s sports as long as they’ve tinkered with their hormones (in the real world, that’s called “cheating”)—those are the same people who claim “persecuted minority” status.


I have been reading Forstater and Stock. And “transphobe” is a pretty meaningless word. I have yet to see anything “phobic” or “hateful” in anything they’ve written. The phobia and hate from the trans activists who shut down lectures and film showings, insist that cheating in sports is a human right, bully and even physically assault people (usually women) they view as “transphobes” is all too obvious. The death and rape threats are coming from them.



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