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France has never been based.

After the French revolution til Waterloo it was the most based political entity to exist on European soil since the Roman Empire.

It was good before XVIII century and french r*volution

this is your brain on bootlicking christcuckery

worshipping a carpenter Semite and a Jewish religion

submitting your mind to Semitic monotheism

like a good Slav boy for the sons of Abraham of Ur

Pretty much proved my point as to what Abrahamic monotheism does to people.

Mind rape.

obsessed and rent free

Yes, it troubles me greatly that my people and continent have been mind raped by a foreign, Semitic religion.

also imagine basing your religious beliefs on what nationality used to follow which religion, absolutely pathetic

yes, the failure of your ancestors of not adhering to the culture and beliefs of their forefathers and submitting to foreign poison is something one should definitely consider important, instead of blindly believing like a goyim puppy.


Slavicpride be like, "thanks, Satan".

Actualy no, im calling for support of africans in destroying the frenchies. Africa belongs to africans, just like Europe should to Europeans. The only way to live together is either via cooperation, or The Afroeurasian Empire. In short, either two different entities that only in crucial times ask one another for help, or just one large Empire.

Send in the troops. Our brothers need our help burning the frenchie flags



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