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It’s only when the vaccinated-sheep are fully loaded with multiple death-shots, that the truth is revealed just to rub it in their face.

spoilerScientists from Harvard &
Johns Hopkins Found
Covid-19 Vaccines 98
Times Worse Than the
This pre-print wonlt get any
coverage in the mainstream
media, so I wanted to be sure
you knew about it. You might
want to let your university
president know about it too.

@BeachMilk I’m PRO boosters…for everyone that did this to the people AND the ones that shamed others into it.


@BeachMilk fuckers are still lining up to get "boosters"

@funbobby51 @BeachMilk yeah those are the real sheep, culling the herd is working.

@BeachMilk This non vaccine was never about protecting us from a deadly virus, it was used as a bioweapon to help depopulate the world, they used fear and intimidation while these evil pigs made millions. All involved have committed crimes against humanity and should be hung.

@BeachMilk They follow the media religiously, they'll still line up to get boosted. No matter what their family and friends tell them. Sad.

@BeachMilk So if they claimed a 1% death rate for the "virus", and the jab is 98 times worse, where does that put the death rate for the jab?

@Pig_Farmer @BeachMilk 👀👀👀 Good thing most people, especially the jabbers, can't compute.

@BeachMilk Now THEY are panic pushing jabs for whooping cough, polio, shingles and flu just in time for Christmas!

@BeachMilk arrest these mofos and hang them.

@BeachMilk Never again will anyone trust The Who, the cdc, or big pharma . I will never take anything they say I need, I will die a pure blooded human being with my dna just as God created it.



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