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Most people's understanding of sexual degeneracy is limited to just LGBT.

They don't see that even treating sex like a recreational amusement, simply sleeping around for the sake of "sexual experience", is also sexual degeneracy.

A lot of people who rage against degeneracy are degenerates themselves. They just prefer their own brand of degeneracy, and only oppose select others.

@Nature_and_Race “yeah, I’m cool with casual sex and prostitution and people using sex as a weapon, but when it’s not strictly hetero is where I draw the line!!!”

Agreed. People need to be willing to purge all uncleanliness and deprived actions, not just those that don’t impact themselves personally.

@Nature_and_Race Apparently hetero degeneracy is OK to a lot of people, it's just same-sex degeneracy they don't like. It's all disgusting.

@Nature_and_Race Some of us are 'reformed' degenerates, or trying to be 'reformed.' Despite not being a "Christian tradfam," my wife and I have had better relations (emotional, spiritual, and physical) since I started the redpill journey. I have been the better husband, the better man, the better leader of the family. Our best years happened following my embrace of National Socialism.

@RebelPrepper1 @Nature_and_Race TRUTH!
And well stated. Same here! 14 WORDS

@Nature_and_Race True! Fornication is jewish just like faggotry.

Every time I hear a woman talk about how many dudes they’ve slept with (usually at least 10), or hear a mom give the godawful advice that gorls need to go through a “ho phase”, I die a little inside

@Nature_and_Race I don't even think in terms of degeneracy so much in that sense as I do more so as in the whole of the race. We've been selecting for good looks, income and who can survive best under a capitalist framework, that's degenerate to me in the overall grand scheme of things. Really the best way is to incentivize breeding for higher intelligence, fitness of mind and body etc. as it is there's no limits and we've bred legions of idiots, smoothbrains and insane people all who think they have the same right to everything everyone else does merely because they exist.



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