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Shameful! Wikipedia article about violence against men has been altered to state that men are the most perpetrators of violence but not include the fact that they are also the majority of violence victims. One of the feminists making these changes later jokes about domestic abuse against men.


I must admit those brogressive male feminists often have the most pure form of misandry. Like we’re talking top shelf 👌🏿

I don’t support violence and especially not domestic violence, but honestly it would be ironic if his wife decided to beat the sexism out of him one day.

Like learn that girl some martial art, and have her tramp his throat with a high kick or a right hook before going to town on his stupid face.

Feminists hate men. Their root system is hate.

They deny and lie, but it’s just a religious hate cult. When they claim they aren’t lying shits, they like to reference nonsense from a century ago.

Ignore their lies. It is literally just hate.

Yes all of them. When your brain tries to deny it, you know it’s true, and you bought into the lies. If it’s not hate, do you plan to “no true Scotsman” all of them? Because it’s hate. Through and through.

The great millennial tragedy will be the sexism against men. And the amount of lives lost will hurt humanity for millennia.



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