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Loads of clues about what is coming in this video from Negative 48 who appears to be JFK Junior.

Trump had to step down to perform the Insurrection Act and Nesera/Gesera.

The first part of the new quantum financial system is Skynet which took over from SWIFT on 29 August 2021.

The 11 September is Jesus’ birthday and also the 20th aniversary of 9/11 which was the 2nd time the cabal stopped the new gold backed currency – the first time was when they killed JFK.

09/11 2021 is the date of the return of JFK Junior as POTUS.

The real Biden is dead with the current body being played by an actor.

Military will take over from Biden and ‘clean up’ ready for Trump.

Trump will hand over the presidency to JFK or JFK Junior (not clear from the video)

President: JFK (also Q)

Vice President: JFK Junior (R)

Princess Diana, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson are alive.

So is Jackie Kennedy.

August 29 Skynet went live. 13 days to 9/11.

Meliana Trump is the Queen of Russia, a Romanov.

In 1962 JFK said there is a plot in this country to enslave every man woman and child – I will expose this plot. He needed to be alive to be able to say that he can do this.

Prophecy of Revelation: I am the Alpha and the Omega.

Revelation 12: woman, astrological event which appeared in 2017 which only happens every 7,000 years.

The “Jesus Strand” Part 1 & Part 2, approx. 90 min each followed by the Post Show Discussion with Neg48 & Crew immediately after. Research about the bloodline of Jesus and how it has been followed to Abraham Lincoln and the Kennedy family.

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I did a post recently on he Sirian tribes and hybrids vs the Demon Clan mongrels just to show the differences and now I am going to do one for the Pleaidians and their hybrids as well as the key differences between the actual full blooded Pleaidians and the White Dragons which are similar but RH- vs the A1+. In order to understand that ‘white skin’ in general only comes about from a lack of sun light and most of the early Pleaidian hybrids would have been ‘gold’ color by comparison and many ‘white’ people still to this day will turn gold in the sun rather than burn and these lines are usually Hebraic in nature and possess the B type in the lineages vs ones that do not. You can tell by how they tan. So to begin, the IndoIranianAryans were direct blood line of Marduk, and therefore many Draco hybrids interbreeding with his blood lines and those of Horus and Horon aka Odin and Thor as well. The very reason ‘white’ exists is moreso due to the Draco rather than Marduk but I’ll get into it greater detail.
Once you learn everything, you can literally look at people and know what they are and even what ratios their vessels are thereof. I included some extras at the end of a couple different Pleaidian women of various origins to show the common denominators because even though the Pleaidian blood type is A1+, many Pleaidian hybrids are various blood types and O+ or B+ Pleaidian hybrids are in fact physically / genetically different as well as if they are Draco(RH-) / Pleaidian hybrids aka Wolf Dragons or if they are AB+ / B+ they often have the feline eyes and rounded cheeks of the Sirians. SO WHEN PEOPLE THINK ALL WHITE PEOPLE ARE THE SAME ORIGIN OR REMOTELY THE SAME, PLEASE STOP TALKING AND MAKING MY HEAD HURT. IT’S JUST AS IGNORANT TO SAY ALL ASIANS OR ALL BLACKS OR ALL ARABS ARE THE SAME. SO TO ALL THE RACIST DUMBSHITS, YOU KNOW NOTHING. BLOOD AND GENETICS IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE AND HAPPENS TO BE MANY SHADES OF GOLD, THANKS~

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I am going to explain the history of the Dragon blood lines because people can not tell one from the other and the good and evil ones apart. I’m going to explain which tribes were created from who and when and give a better idea of all the original Dragon blood lines and their blood types and what hybrids they were thereof.

So we need to start with the invasion of Atlantis which is when the Draco first learned to hybridized with the early Neanderthals and / or a few of the Adamic tribes from Africa. This created the first O- hybrids on Earth known as the Atlanteans as well as a few rare A- out of Odin, Esau’s and Daniels’ blood line.

These early Dragon hybrids were relatively stable energetically but lacked the strong desires and compassion of the Sirians tribes due to the lack of the B type blood. This led to the invitation of the Hebrews and Hebrew Jews to Atlantis to interbred with the Atlantean lines so they could gain each other’s energies creating perfect beings so to speak. The resulting experimentation and crossbreeding led to the dramatic pollution of the natural gene pool which is what brought about the decisions of the ‘higher ups’ to destroy Atlantis with a meteor strike.

This led to a split in the factions of the Draco hybrids and 22 of them decided to go rogue with Saturn, Satan, Set, Moloch, Loki, Dionysus, Bacchus and started the Titan War between the two factions of Apollo / Odin and Loki / Saturn and it was due to them being infuriated over the destruction of Atlantis right before acquiring the Sirian energy, of which took place immediately after but the Betrayers who went and bred with Lilith and Cain’s tribe of the C Haplogroup leading to their destruction, and the surviving females then went and bred with Ham’s people in Africa creating the Canaanites who were then again, ordered to be destroyed by Enlil for worshiping Moloch / Satan. Canaanite (O-) who bred into Japeth’s tribe of the K line and created the Ashkenazi.

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The current situation is the culmination of thousands of years of fighting between the controllers of humanity. It is a war between two factions of the RH- blood lines: The Lucifarians and The Satanists fighting against each other.

The RH- blood lines are the Fallen Angels of the bible, of which twenty-two went rogue to become the Synagogue of Satan.

The Satanists

The goal of the Satanists is to kill most of the RH+ blood groups (A+, B+, AB+ and O+) and control a smaller group of human subservient slaves. The killing of the RH+ is presently being done with laboratory made viruses and the vaccines that are supposed to protect people from the viruses.

We can recognise the Satanists as The Black Nobility families of Italy, The Rockerfellers of the USA, and The Rothschilds of Europe. They finance their political minions such as The Clintons, Bill Gates, Obama who put their evil plans into action via politics.

The Satanists invented Catholicisim and Christianity to control humanity through the Vatican which is currently being run by the Jesuits, the CryptoJew Babylonians.
The Lucifarians are the blood line of Enlil and Enki, two Annunaki brothers who came to Earth to mine gold for their own planet and who created modern humans as their gold mining slaves. The Annunaki are the original Fallen Angels.

Enki and his sister spent many years manipulating Neanderthal DNA with Annunaki DNA to create humanity as we know it through Adam and Eve. He loved his human creation and tried to protect them.

The Current Battle

This is Draco fighting Draco but it is Lucifarian (Draco with Pleaidian genetics) against the Satanists who aren’t balanced with Pleaidian genetics.