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So far as I know it plays no part in the plot of the Iliad, but if Agamemnon had been sufficiently cunning, perhaps he might have arranged for Patroclus to die specifically to elicit this emotional reaction from Achilles. Certainly the American ruling class has done essentially this on multiple occasions, indeed in essentially every major conflict in which it has been involved. They sunk the Maine and blamed it on the Spanish Empire, put the Lusitania in harm’s way to motivate entry into the Great War, allowed the Japanese to sink the fleet at Pearl Harbor in order to achieve the necessary Day of Infamy, invented the Gulf of Tonkin incident out of whole cloth in order to escalate involvement in Vietnam beyond mere military advising, and as for the New Pearl Harbour that inaugurated the War on Terror, well....

[picture of the aftermath of the 9/11/2001 suicide attack]

Which isn’t to say it always works. There have been several false flags in Syria, for example – mostly gas attacks – which the regime tried unsuccessfully to pin on Assad. Enough doubt and mockery was heaped on these claims by the forces of weaponized autism to prevent them from motivating the American public to support direct military intervention on a large scale, with the result that, remarkably and to the immense frustration of the neocons, Assad very much remains in power.

Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some kind of outrage in the near future, to be pinned on Iran, or Russia, or even China. Maybe a low-level nuclear attack on an American city. Maybe the sinking of a carrier group. There are plenty of possibilities.

But outrage will not be enough. There must also be concessions. Agamemnon couldn’t rely solely on Achilles’ rage over Patroclus’ death, but also had to return Briseis. On that note, this post from /pol/ from back in February of 2023 seems prophetic:

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In the coming months the system will start backing down on a few woke issues due to concern about lack of participation of white men in the upcoming war. They know that diversity mutts are disloyal cowards and are incapable of winning a war […]

IMPORTANT: They still want to genocide western white men. Don’t be fooled by certain concessions the system will try to make. They still very much hate you, but need you to fight their war.