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Why do the radicalized leftists harbor so much hate?

Where does such hate come from? This sort of hate seems demonic...and emanating from the pits of hell. This is no laughing matter. This hate is serious. I thought liberals where supposed to be somewhat compassionate and open minded. They hate Trump, veterans, white people, Christedom and etc. I know Trump is a little rough around the edges and eccentric... But he is still our president and deserves respect. I mean liberal news outlets like MSNBC and CNN literally spend 24 hours bashing Trump. That's the only news they provide. Period. It's sickening. The hate is not emanating from the right it's coming solely from the left. God bless Trump and I wish him all the success in the world.

odanny: Bless your heart.

ambient: And were you so concerned about it during the Obama years? And no, Trump doesn't deserve respect. His disrespects the Office, he disrespects his opposition, he disrespects our allies. About the only thing he does is spew toxic garbage on Twitter. He acts more like ehat I'd expect from an inebriated hillbilly than the President of the United States. You want to get respect, start by earning it and giving respect.

sickofnyc: Rough around the edges? . The grifter-in-thief has stolen from fellow Americans and screwed them over for his entire adjust life. He's also a traitor. Are you making a joke with this tripe you just posted or are you posting from The Kremlin?

The left revels in this hate. They thrive on it. They see nothing wrong with harboring such hate. Very strange. This sort of hate is exactly what the Devil subsists on and approves of. Dark and unhealthy on a spiritual level.

ambient: Sorry, that doesn't make your idiot less of an idiot.

The radicalized left cannot let go of their hate. It is like a drug to them. An addiction. They seem brainwashed by MSNBC and CNN. They seem riddled with white guilt. They want wide open borders... They want to see America turn into a Guatemala like, 3rd world country..they put illegal immigrants first before homeless American citizens and homeless veterans. Liberalism truly is a mental disorder.

Just by the responses on this thread [Submitter's note: all quoted above] it is shocking.... The hate coming from the hearts and minds of the left. What's really scary is that the leftists want war with Russia.

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I can't believe you're comparing child abuse to stealing a car. Or even to a murder. In terms of impact for the victim and family, of course being dead is worse than being raped. BUT in terms of what it takes to do that to another person, I can see a stupid kid, bad situation, drugs, guns, a momentary stupid decision, and someone's dead. But to molest a child they have to put in time to groom them, they have to look at that child's face and they have to then proceed to do sexual things, with a child. Same goes for rapists of adults and torturers.

I could never, ever be friends with a child molester, but someone who'd killed someone during an armed robbery and fully repented and was trying to make amends to the world, yes, I could be firends with them.

I am NOT comparing anything to anything:


Alienation is the quickest way to get them to re-offend. You want TWO {or more} victims instead of just one? Then Go ahead, alienate them.

NOT all put in your "time to groom them". SOme just do it anyway. On the spur of the moment. In haste.

And the robbery? planned {or groomed} just as well, not exactly a "momentary stupid decision, and someone's dead" as you put it: as the place was cased, time when least busy ascertained, when assumably most money to be in the drawer, and how the perp, once caught, bragged about "the hit". He NEVER "fully repented', as you put it. And murderers apparently are "highly regarded in prison" according to the "lock up" shows I've seen on TV...and often released into society without therapy and lessons on why their crime was bad.

Once time is served, and they are released, and been taught how it was wrong, then they can be on the road to better deeds...

~Ask the person whose car was stolen and wrecked by my friend, how he felt about "being violated" as it was stolen from the "safety of his own driveway" where he tought it/he was safe? {my firend was just "stupid", and he knows it}

~Ask the whole family whose member is now gone shot in the robbery how "violated we feel" for the fact she went to work and never came home and we had to plan a sudden tragic funeral.

~I was "home invaded" once, {meaning people at home when the robbery occurs, and in my case, held on the floor at knife point while others carted off my valuables} by a neighbor and some of his "friends"...You don't think I don't feel violated??? In the supposed "safety of my own home"? In the evening by someone I "knew" and thought I could "trust"???? I Could ALSO have been killed or seriously injured. He's been released by now, but I don't live in that state anymore.

SAME SAME for a vicitm of any crime! Violated is violated.

But the perps can be re-taught and offered to be a "changed" person.

I said IF they had: served their time, did their therapy, and learned their lesson {and granted some don't, but some DO}, AND hadn't committed any more in say 10-20 years, then yeah, I could be friends with them. I didn't say I wouldn't necessarily fully trust them with my kids alone necessarily. But I also don't trust I won't get robber again, either.

We release murderers after 20-25 years, how about other criminals? Of any type?

EVERYbody deserves the second chances we offer to parolees and to those who have served their time...regardless of the crime...as a crime is a crime is a crime.

I can forgive the home invaders, the robber, and my friend, why not others?

Its a "big man" or "big person" to forgive...but no one will forget...

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Would you continue the friendship knowing your friend is a child molester?Your thoughts??? I cut ties with a friend who was a child molester. It took awhile and wanted to look past what he has done, then I just couldn't do it anymore. We never brought it up and talked about what happened.

Depends on the situation. I just loooove all you judgmental people. Thank the heavens I don't know any of y'all. Seriously, digging for someone's birthdate and such so you can run a background check on 'em? WOW, just wow.

What criteria are you using as an age for these "kids"? Is it anyone under 18? If so you better add a WHOLE bunch of people to that list of yours.

Are there real bad people out there? Sure there are. How about those that sell drugs? Kids get ahold of those drugs and become addicts/die, how about those who provide alcohol to minors, provide false ID's,left guns out so their kids could get ahold of 'em or are addicts and don't feed,clean or clothe their kids etc,etc,etc. so where are they in the scheme of things? All of these acts can cause irreparable harm to a "kid" so how do classify them oh holy ones?

Are there some people that I'd not talk to or avoid? Sure but it's on a case by case basis and NOT just limited to one group of people (or would it be better for y'all if I said "pariahs"? ).

Just remember this, if you dig hard enough you'll find skeletons in most everyone's closet and if you're being honest about how you judge people (instead of just jumping on a band wagon) many of you would only be left with talking to yourself in a mirror.

Given the very liberal attitudes towards all things that are being done by the youth today I bet y'all won't talk to anyone under 30 very soon.

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The truth is that most men are pedophiles. Human beings spent hundreds of thousands of years reproducing immediately and being worn out old hags by 25. Attraction to 13-year-olds is hardwired into men's brains by evolution. Nothing can ever change that. And it's rather nice that Ben Franklin, Walt Whitman, Leonardo da Vinci, and millions of other famous active pedophiles were not persecuted for it, otherwise the human race would have been much worse off.

The government should drop all "age of consent" laws and make it a civil matter. Rape is rape, no matter the age of the victim, the only difference being that parents / guardians also have the right to press charges on their dependents' behalf. What you have now is government interfering even if all the people involved don't want it to, and even if it's just a picture on a computer... That's downright silly.

Child sexuality is a fact of life, and demagogue politicians and their enablers who refuse to see that still have a lot of growing up to do themselves!

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They weren't necessarily priced out per se...but the established white people left when their kids left home, just as the Asians took over and ruined it - basically making it undesirable for younger white families to enter or for young white people to stay and establish their own adult lives there - because there isn't any point. Now Cupertino is basically the least diverse place in the entire Bay Area - just look at the schools. If any other district had 99% Asian enrollment, it would be front page news. Al Sharpton would be on scene with Jesse and the Rainbow Coalition, trying to shake someone down. There's gotta be SOME money in that, right? Where are all the blacks? The Mexicans? It's raciss, I tell you!

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Originally Posted by Nerdlord View Post
Men and women are not wired the same. Evolution dictates that a woman take the safest approach to life in order to protect and nurture offspring long term. Men are programmed to take as much risk as possible in order to impregnate the highest number of females possible.

This raises an interesting point. In today's society we actively fight against our evolutionary hardwiring. A "strong woman" is seen as a woman who acts like a man and rejects her more feminine and nurturing instincts. We consider a well adjusted, modern man as someone who rejects or suppresses his masculine instincts to get in touch with his "feminine side".

If a woman earns more, often she will work and the man will stay home and care for the kids. Regardless of the fact that a woman would be naturally and instinctively better at child care than a man would. That's not an insult and it's certainly not true in ALL cases, but in the majority of them, it is.

Our differences complement each other. Why fight against them? Why treat a woman as a failure if she is inclined to be a mother and care for her kids at home?

We may THINK we've evolved beyond this or we are more "enlightened" nowadays but these hardwired instincts still inform everything we do, many times subconsciously.

It's why women are often attracted to jerks and why men are attracted to youth and beauty and often turned off by aggressive women who act like men.

This programming is thousands and thousands of years old. It isn't going to be overwritten in less than a hundred years. We can TRY but it ends up coming out sideways anyway.

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[Calypsis4, does evolution scare you? You seem to be advocating the common creationist lie that fossils either disprove evolution or the fossil record doesn't support evolution. This is simply not true. There are countless fossils that prove the truth of evolution. What are your sources? They're most likely from creationist websites. The problem with such sites/books is that their information is based on lies and trickery.]

Scare me? Are you nuts? I am an ex-evolutionist.

"There are countless fossils that prove the truth of evolution."

Did you even bother to examine the several dozen illustrations of living fossils that I have posted since yesterday?

If not, then I ask you kindly to please do so.

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According to the rich white liberals that run things, racism in America beings and ends with white people from the South. It's racist to question bilingualism. It's racist to expect people living here to know enough English that they don't confuse oral sex terms with cannibalism. It's racist to expect foreigners to assimilate or learn American history and culture, even if those lessons include the American ideals of equality and opportunity for everyone. It's racist even to say America HAS a culture. Rich white liberals love to crow about California becoming a majority minority state, essentially bragging about how great it is that whites are dying off or being displaced. (Their standard refrain: "Are you Native American? Gee your ancestors should've asked permission before coming here. And you do know that California used to belong to Mexico, right?") Oh blacks? They don't exist in the CA narrative. Rich white liberals only talk about "people of color" to blur the distinctions, and keep people from wondering why CA is only 6% black if this is supposed to be the land of milk and honey for minorities. Rich white liberals are OK with these conditions because they live in those very expensive, 90% white communities that you are having trouble getting into.

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Ronald Reagan was a great anti-communist, but the greatest anti-Communist of all was Adolf Hitler who took the fight right to the front gates of Bolshevism itself, trying to eradicate the evil ideology at its roots.

When the communists won the war, 1/2 of Europe was put under their domination. Personally, I still think it's incredible that the Western democracies were able to withstand it over the second-half of the 20th Century. Nobody defeated communism, it imploded on itself.

(Note from Me: Poe, perhaps?)

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I understand that some liberals are so stupid that they can't comprehend that not everyone blindly follows a letter behind a name, that some of us actually hold our politicians accountable when they lie or vote in way we don't agree with. Liberals have a habit of following lock step because they can't think for themselves. They need their nanny government to tell them what to do, how to think, and what to say. So it is not surprising in the least that they can't grasp the concept of Trump not giving a damn if the establishment pukes in the GOP fall to the way side as we voters kick their butts out this election season.

You see, most Trump supporters know that this isn't just about electing a president. This is about much more. We've been telling you for a year now why we are voting for Trump. You all keep thinking it's about Trump. You all keep missing the point. You all keep failing, as does the Hillary camp - it's why she struggles so hard to get her "easy win" to the White House...because none of the idiotic liberal twits who are supporting establishment are listening.

With any luck, the liberal psychos who support Hillary will be having a very, very bad November and beyond. I'm going to laugh at every last one of you for four solid years if Trump wins. Not only because all we're going to here is incessant angry whining from liberal psychos who supported Hillary the evil beast, but because we will finally have a chance to get this country back in order...that includes booting out a few useless twits who had the audacity to call themselves "Republicans".

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Something is very weird about this whole situation. .Assange said he is going to release more damning information and e-mails on Hillary. Assange brings up Seth Conrad who was murdered and talked as if he was the fellow who supplied him with Hillary's e-mails but for reasons of secrecy he will not sayAssange did not say no..Then Assange cancels his appearance in Britain and says he has had threats to this life and goes to Germany.

Hillary in the mean time calls for a drone attack to kill Assange. Today she said she did not remember when asked about it.. deny..deny , I don't remember...

Now I don't know about you, but this is very strange to me. Assange does not release any information at all after stating he was going to have a big October surprise.

Looks like Hillary's mafia has gotten to Assange... maybe a payoff , maybe a huge threat to his family. I do know the history of the Clintons.. They will mow anyone down that is in their way of achieving their goals and anyone who ever was going to release information of the Clintons wound up dead. no conspiracy , the bodies were found dead and were known to be doing an investigation on the Clintons. And that is what this is starting to look like..

Just too many facts in history of dead people who were going to spill the beans. They never had the chance.. when you are dead you can't say anything. Clintons have hired cleaners to kill those who saw the Clinton's corruption and were going to report it. I believe they have some kind of evil spirit protecting them.. I believe in the spirit world. God talks about it. The Clinton's have some kind of evil allowing them to rise above all the murders, the lies, the corruption. I don't know why but I do know it is happening and they have a history of dealing with the spirit world.

God's warning. Don't mess with the spirit world. It must be extremely evil.

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The media is disgusting. I hope Trump has every editor arrested and put on trial for being traitors to the United States if he wins. Then give them life in prison.

A good example for the one's taking over what can happen when you cease reporting on politics and try to control politics.

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Ten years ago, would anyone have thought it would be acceptable to let she males in little girls rest rooms?

Leftists are going to be boohooing about how mean we are to kid touchers who were born a certain way and can't help it. It will happen because leftists are degenerate vermin.

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(Regarding 100 Iraqi refugees moved to Flint, Michigan)

Allowing an invasion of non-assimilating people into America is like introducing an evasive species into an ecosystem. This is exactly liberals' intent, to engage in biological/genetic and cultural warfare against the natives.

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(On the Brock Turner case)

Why can't I blame the victim for showing a complete lack of commonsense? Was he the first man to ever take advantage of a woman's inebriated state? There have been these situations for as long as there has been human beings consuming alcohol. Stop coddling these victims. They do need to take responsibility and not put themselves in vulnerable situations.

That young man's reputation is ruined for the rest of his life. He is now permanently on the sex offenders list. And no matter what he ends up doing for work, he will never get any endorsement deals or become top management for any company. He will be a pariah wherever he goes.

I think that you are jealous of this boy's previous status as a "golden boy". You are jealous that he was smart enough to get into Stanford and could have had the perfect life... shrug.

Had she been my daughter, I would be mad at her for going to a college party and getting so drunk. And when I was going to Brown University in the late 1970's, I knew better than to go to the keg parties at the frat houses. And I also, know that any compliments from a man at a party like that or at a night club was more an effort to get into my pants than actually wanting to get into a relationship with me and become my boyfriend or husband. I was also able to get backstage at many rock concerts in the 1980's. And since I stayed sober and drug-free at these gatherings, and no one ever tried to sexually assault me.

And back to chaperones... well the human brain isn't fully developed until the age of 25. The frontal cortex is the last to develop and that where the decision making process is. And it's why males before the age of 25 have such high auto insurance rates. Young men are prone to making bad impulsive decisions. Add to that, men are just more sexually motivated creatures than women. That's just a fact of life.

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I think having separate nation states for different groups of people is a good arrangement and the one most likely to produce peaceful relations. These states need not be closed to the larger world though, and having a small percentage of diverse peoples within a basically homogenous state can be a positive. Diversity is like spice in the soup. A little can make it taste better but too much and it will be inedible.

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I don't think people want to be racist, you are told all your life that racism is bad, and only ignorant people could ever be racist. But these people don't understand what racism is, and why it is as normal as breathing. It is a part of what makes you human. It lies deeply within your heart of hearts.

I don't see segregation as a means to limit someones freedoms. I see it as a way to address some of the anger and resentment within our society. I mean, what does it matter if people are racist, if there is only one race? The safest and most peaceful countries in the world are extremely homogeneous. The Police in Japan regularly stop anyone they think is a foreigner and ask them for identification, yes, racial profiling is the norm in Japan. But the country is extremely peaceful and safe.

Redshadowz #fundie city-data.com

No, Africa was always a craphole, and much of it is still a craphole.. well anything south of the Sahara anyway. Most of sub-saharan Africa was hunting with spears when we began colonizing it. The only places that have ever spawned any kind of civilization are along the mediteranean and the nile.

Solution? Like I said, I just think the entire world is better off being segregated. I mean, do we really want half this country filled up with muslims? Do you have any idea what kind of daily war that would be? Racial differences are kind of like that, but not quite as bad. It just feels like a perpetual war between us all, and no one is happy. Its just that everyone knows they are still better off here than somewhere else, so no one wants to leave.

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The point of the video is that women tend to lack group loyalty and will gladly sell out the best interests of their own people to satisfy poorly thought out ideological values, such as "diversity equals strength." And the video concludes that the rise of the political strength of women will lead to the downfall of western society, as women don't care about or understand what it takes to maintain a lasting civilization.

He is speaking in generalities, but much of what he states is true. Western society is clearly heading towards a downfall. This can't be blamed solely on women, because a large portion of men support many of the same destructive ideologies, but in pure percentages, women have pushed the balance of power towards a more leftist worldview.

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The blacks/hispanics bring crime, teen pregnancy, low high school graduation rates and lower SAT scores while the Asians/Indians bring overpriced gas stations and convenient stores, H-marts, SAT test prep centers and nationalistic job steelers who refuse to learn Engrish

Taratova #racist city-data.com

(In regards to Donald Trump's false claim that "thousands" of Muslims were dancing in the streets of New Jersey after the 9-11 attacks.)

I lived in NJ.. there are many musliims living near the site of the twin towers.. they do NOT ASSIMILATE.. They build their mosques and believe in Sharia.. they probably knew it was going to happen.. the first time when Bill Clinton was in office they tried to take the buildings down by placing a bomb . When that failed they were so happy when the twin towers finally fell.

It was also reported on radio how they were dancing in the streets and Americans were very angry. They were on roof tops dancing.. and I am sure in their homes they were dancing as well.

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Trump and about a quarter to maybe half of the GOP are the only ones not under the complete control of the globalist, communist, Central Banker run NWO.

Hillary is the one with no support. But the Zionist, communist owned media are putting out fake polls and doing hit pieces on Trump nearly everyday. They're terrified of the man because he's for America and not in the pocket of the Muslim terrorists and their globalist handlers.

If they do here what they've done to Europe you'll be looking at the very real possibility of Civil War and a coup d'etat from the part of the American Military and Pentagon not under central banker, communist control.

People who value freedom and will not live under a globalist police state with muslim terror groups used to instill fear in the population and take away rights will not go down quietly.

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Trump will be running against every rag in America. No news agency has any integrity is my opinion. They are catering to their wall street advertisers. I am intelligent enough not to have to go to a third party to determine which candidate to vote for. I can think for myself. I hope America has enough people with logical minds to save our country. If Hillary is elected communism will not be far behind. We would already have communism except for those of us clinging to our Bibles and guns.

I listened to the last Democratic convention where I heard people boo God. If that is what you want, vote for Hillary. I don't like that view of America where Christians and Christian ideas are censored.

openmike #fundie city-data.com

Trump will be the nations CEO ,which at least for now will stabilize the country in many categories. Here is a warning to anyone in his way. He will kick your ass so fast you won't know what hit you. If you wish to stay in your ivory tower Senate, Congressional or Govenor seat you better be ready to roll up you stagnant sleeves. Trump will not be the ONLY Savior to our pathetic condition. He will have a cleanup crew that is notorious for tough love,. compliance and immediate outcomes. On January 20th life as we know it changes. Hard ball for leakers so beware fat boys and girls change it coming !!

Lovetosave #fundie city-data.com

Wow. Don't you realize the democrats message is the one of doom. Every day what is the message of the left?

Racist! This country is bigoted, unjust, immoral, this country discriminates...that's the daily message of Hillary. The left punishes achievers.

Who paints a picture that life in this country is so bleak...the only hope we have...is to rely on whatever the government can do for us? We are incapable and can't provide for our families. The government must raise our children. We are incompetent. We can't make the right decisions with our money. Not a very Rosey picture Clinton paints....talk about doom and gloom.

Eight years of Obama....the left is still unhappy. They got Obamacare....they got their attack on fossil fuels....they got their education standard implemented....still unhappy.

You know why they're unhappy? They are realizing their agenda doesn't work. The democrats are so pessimistic...they do their best to make everyone the same by defining everyone downward. They demonize successful people. They create class envy. They spread lies like "hands up don't shoot"

Donald Trump didn't spread hate for anyone last night. He expressed love for all people last night. There was a desire for the American people to feel safe and protected in their own country.

When democrats start throwing around the hate and Hitler allegations....that means their ideas failed and they have nothing else to say. Trump loves the people of this country, and wants it to work.

Hate is going to a liberal website and reading Trump is Hitler. Hillary Clinton acts like this country was built by and for rich white Christians at the expense of everyone else. And it is time for her to even the score.

Innocent cops are shot dead....who is it that runs in and defends the perpetrator? The democrats. Meanwhile they are running the white house. You will see at DNC next week ... they will make cops look bad. I guarantee you that doesn't inspire confidence. It doesn't make people happy. It depresses people. Democrats are all doom and gloom. They own it. Not Trump.

GuyNTexas #racist city-data.com

"To some people blacks just can't achieve anything without PC sympathy or a helping hand. And yes, these people's opinions will be called out for what they are, "thinly veiled racism"..."

This is so very true, and surprise surprise, it just so happens to be the foundation of the Democrat party mentality.

Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charles Rangel, the NAACP, ACLU, and every other pandering politician with a D after their names have managed to convince you that without them paving the way, black people would be lost, and those blood thirsty Republican racists would eat little black children for supper. And you sir, along with 99.9% of the black community have swallowed that crap, hook, line and sinker, and have done so for decades. What has that gotten you? What has the Savior-In-Chief done for you? NOTHING but feed you promises and lies.

Black people are the only demographic in this country that almost exclusively votes democrat. The black Republican is like a Unicorn. Some claim they exist, but few claim to have actually seen one.

This is the new shackles of slavery for black people, placed upon your minds, rather than your limbs, by your beloved Democrats. Trapped and captured, Democrats for life, father to son, mother to daughter, generation after generation.

Sadly, the old adage is true, "there are none so enslaved than the slave who believes he's free". And one more thing ...

If everyone is thinking the same thing ... somebody isn't thinking.

openmike #fundie city-data.com

Can the decisions of the Supreme Court place you and you family at risk of death or physical harm? Absolutely! God ( that's the guy who created the universe) knows the fetus in the womb. Many of us believe it ticks Him off to a point of judgment when caregivers and babysitters abort . The judgment ticks me off because when He unleashes His wrath my family and I are at risk of collateral damage when He allows our destruction. Our society is already presenting demonic tendencies whereby a large segment of society has blinders on are Godless riding the perverted "woman's rights" card or spin. In fairness that stand is based on ignorance and desire to be free from any moral rules from the likes of " religious". That freedom is a right ,but. Hefty trash bagging a living fetus is not! Prophecy dictates we will view good as evil and evil as good! We have arrived and the nail in the coffin for America will be goofey Warren and crooked Hillary two looney tunes that make me dry heave !

nicet4 #racist city-data.com

A good many mass shootings would be stopped simply by forcing ALL Muslims off American soil.

Yeah, born here or whatever but members of this cult of Mohammad, may pigs be upon him, are born poisonous vipers that will eventually sink their fangs deep into your neck. They know nothing of humanity.

Will kicking filthy murderous Muslims out stop all mass shootings? Of course not but it will stop the 50% of mass shootings caused by the animals representing less than 1% of our population.

Muslims are not even human beings, they have no humanity.

CTDex #fundie city-data.com

Scotland is a nice country but they are irrelevant in world affairs.

One of the large attractions to Trump is that he will cater mainly to the American people instead of giving our money away to a bunch of worthless beggar nations.

People laugh at Trump over world affairs but this is one of the factors that has made him popular- since most countries in the world are not worth knowing about and funding.

Africa, the Middle East, South America, much of Asia- all are backwards, dirt poor and only interesting in U.S. dollars- none of them of them cares about the U.S.

Marc Paolella #fundie city-data.com

Genocide isn't only physical murder. I'm broadening the concept. If you kill the spirit and the future for vast classes of people by giving them free stuff taken from others, it's still genocide. They are biologically present, but you have destroyed what makes life worth living: challenge, struggle, accomplishment, virtue, strength, honor. What are you left with? Groups of ineffective and castrated people that nobody wants to be around.

War Beagle #fundie city-data.com

(in a thread about crime and section 8 housing)

This is why I always hope for liberals to become the victims of their own policies. Nothing makes me happier than when a liberal is robbed, raped or murdered by one of their pet social projects.

momonkey #fundie city-data.com

To me a feminist, as the term is used today, is simply a woman who doesn`t understand herself or her nature and fails to find joy in life because she is trying to be something she is not, something she cannot be, and, if she understood herself, wouldn`t want to be.

In short, feminism, as the traditional use of the word would bring us to understand feminism, is everything it claims it is not.

At its root, it is both matriarchy and patriarchy treating women as second-class citizens through non-traditional expressions of very traditional gender role restrictions and expectations.

The mode of implementation is different, but the aim is the same.

Instead of female circumcision as practiced by African mothers and grandmothers to ensure their daughters and granddaughters land Mr. Right, American feminists use abortion to keep women unattached and available for Mr. Right with uncompromised vaginas, firm breasts and abs free of stretch marks.

Traditional **** shaming, used in the past by not-so-hot women to dry up the sex market with the intent of driving un-laid men their way, used to take the form of malicious gossip and rumor mongering concerning the sexual exploits of prettier women.

Today it takes the form of ever clearer and ever more awkward and uncomfortable verbal consent to each and every level of intimacy paired with an implied threat of rape charges in the absence of this specific spoken permission leading to a sexual buzz-kill that couldn`t be any more penis shriveling if your parents were in the room.

The ages-old you break it, you buy it rule still applies to men, but there is no need for shotgun weddings today since the courts simply throw men who never wanted children in what is effectively men`s only debtor`s prison if they fail to pay what is demanded.

Bottom line: feminists treat women as children incapable of managing their own affairs while men are held to a very high standard of accountability.

Traditional feminism is both matriarchy and patriarchy on steroids, cross-dressed as progressive intellectualism and self-identified as somehow genuine.

BentBow #fundie city-data.com

(In reference to the NC anti-LGBT law.)

Anti-"Freak of Nature" laws? You mean anti-special privilege, for the snowflakes?

Time to put on the big mama panties.

If you want go around like a freak of nature, deal with the consequences from society. You better wear who you are like a badge of honor, or you will soon feel like you have no value to the world.(why is the suicidal % rate of the LGBT communities per capita, so great??
You are not born gay.... Only the breeding classes pass a gene to keep it going. That crap would have been culled long ago.
Being gay is taught, through acquaintances.
Being LGBT is a choice, after being taught by someone else.......

Grumpy ol' Man #racist city-data.com

(In response to a post about how black people are disadvantaged compared to whites.)

and as we all know and understand, the reason is because of the black track record. They have brought about their own misery by their actions.
Of course they are many really good AA's, but far too many bad ones drag the good ones down. The solution is obvious. There is a reason there are a disproportionate number of blacks in prison, there is a reason people cross the street when a group of blacks are approaching, there is a reason blacks have a lesser chance of getting the same job the whites apply for. The employer isn't looking at the black man that hands in a good resume, he is looking at the stereotype and doesn't want to take the chance. That is the fault of the black man, not the white man. Blacks created the stereotype.
The need to stay married and stop spitting out kids, get educated, work hard, pull your pants up, dress like a human, get out of the ghetto.
Many do it so it can be done, many would rather make excuses and let the man pay his way, or pay his own way with a gun.
It's up to the black people to change the way society see them. No one can solve the problem except the black man himself.

tillman7 #fundie city-data.com

(Someone mentioned that there is no proof that the Bible is the word of God.)

The same could be said about this doctrine written by atheist which has no consistency at all. Do we come from monkeys, a Big Bang or monkeys mating with fish which is it? If we evolve from apes how is it that some apes missed out on this opportunity. Did they opted out on this and decided to stay in the jungle? And why are we not evolving now. By now we should have wings or something or did Evolution have a cut off. Maybe my faith in God must have blinded me. I will visit the zoo today and gain wisdom from the apes there have to be an answer in the poop they fling at each other.

momonkey #racist city-data.com

(In a thread asking when blacks started overwhelmingly voting for Democrats.)

Not sure many black voters could tell you what the policies of the Democrats they vote for happen to be.

My personal experience is that voters generally are pretty short on details, blacks being no exception.

Of course the real reason blacks overwhelmingly vote Democrat is that Democrats blame whites for black dysfunction.

And since blacks consistently dominate every conceivable category of ****-uppery, a bunch of well-dressed and well-spoken Ivy league educated SJWs putting the blame and the shame elsewhere is a must have for people who will not face their own ugly ****ing reality.

momonkey #fundie city-data.com

White males are currently politically unorganized, unrepresented and exploited.

This is because blacks and females (single females mostly) have joined political forces to take what white males have earned.

Moreover, Democrats, along with the corporate ***** wing of Republican Party, have floated the idea of amnesty for illegal immigrants hoping to take even more from working whites and make white-male financial subjugation and political disenfranchisement a permanent demographic reality.

For white males, this is slavery minus the chains.

White-males are not upset that blacks and women have the vote, but rather what they have done with it.

Together they are a political majority voting to financially enslave the white-male minority and supporting immigration policies designed to dilute white political power to such a degree that we effectively lose our vote.

The lame excuses and straw-man arguments the black-female political alliance repeat hoping to justify their obvious abuse of the political system is shameful and obvious.

CK78 #fundie city-data.com

There's no such thing as "moderates". There are only radicals and those less radical until they become the "conservatives".

That's why the civilization is ending.

Our path of destruction has been 500 years in the making. It picked up major impetus at the end of the 17th century with the French Revolution. The 19th and early 20th centuries the Church and her Pontiff's tried to warn the world and stop the path of destruction but the people were already deep into heresy and apostasy. Then came the warnings at Fatima coinciding with "their" moment of crowning glory of the Russian Revolution. After that came the coup in the 1958 conclave where the freemason Roncalli was installed as anti-pope over the legitimate successor Cardinal Giuseppi Siri. Then Vatican II, the removal of most of the grace from the world through the implementation of illegitimate "sacraments" and priesthood. It's no coincidence "the 60's" came next and the rest is recent history.

All directed by the Prince of this World through those who have given their souls to implement his plans.

The next phase of history is mass suffering and death on earth because humanity must pay for and expiate its' sins