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In This Communication, We Will Expand Knowledge About Life Among The Elves. The Intention Is That You Will Receive A Feeling And Understanding Of Who They Are. Elves Are With You Daily Unseen. They Come And Go Completely Unknown In Your Perception. These Wondrous Beings Are Earth Native Spirits While Fairies Were Created In Elohim And Live Throughout Many Dimensions On Vast Numbers Of Stars And Planets.

Pleiadians Call Elves ‘JEMIK’. These Elves Are Between Twelve And Eighteen Inches In Height, But They Began Their Journey Of Life As The Size Of Grains Of Sand. Fairies Nurtured Them With Crystals And Magic As They Watched Them Grow And Thrive. Over Time, Their Personalities Developed As They Followed The Manner Of Living Taught By Fairy Friends.
Elves And Fairies Enter Homes As They Change Densities To Prevent Being Seen. They Enjoy Cozy Areas Like Closets, Fireplaces And Large Pieces Of Furniture. With Magic, They Create Replicas Of Items They Would Like To Take With Them. With Joy And A Little Magic, They Carry Anything Desired Into Portals To Be Taken To Their Homes, Their Adventures Are Ongoing And Their Homes Are Delightful With Old Furniture, Flowers And Twigs Gathered With Love.
Seers And Those That Travel Astrally Are Able To See Elves And Fairies. At Times, They Might Awaken In The Middle Of The Night To Watch Fairies And Elves Having Great Fun. They Might Observe Their Own Belongings Being Transferred In A Template Of Energy That Is A Match For Their Items. Into A Portal, An Article Of Clothing, A Set Of Dishes Or A Painting Is Carried Carefully And Placed Into Moving Energy. Seers Will Smile As They Understand The Love Of All Life.
As You Shift Into Another Frequency, You Will Have Your Spiritual Sight Restored To That Of Origin. You Will Enjoy Seeing Fairies Dance Before You! Little Elves Will Bring Flowers And Crystals To Your Home. You Will Pet Silver Dragons And Fly In Body Form To The Top Of Shimmering Mountains.

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Earth isn’t completely hollow but has many large caverns and connecting tunnels. There are advanced humans who have lived there for thousands of years. This has been known by the military for decades, and by contactees for much longer. This civilization has been called Agartha, but the name used by Pleiadians and the inhabitants, is Pachimilah (pak-ih-mee-lah).

The City of Crystal

A million years ago, humans were seeded around the planet. Genetic diversity was designed to create opportunities for soul learning within the Waking Dream. The first humans looked like Pleiadians and lived in the area of present-day Sweden, in a place called Crystal. Pleiadians came to be called Nordic because they looked like those with long white hair and blue eyes in this region. These humans were close to Pleiadians and learned to live a very high vibration lifestyle as Pleiadians do.

Exodus to Inner Earth

At this time on Earth, there were negative ETs visiting and many humans were being corrupted into dark practices. Pleiadians decided there would be a place where these humans would develop without any interference. The humans of Crystal agreed and Pleiadians set it up and provided everything needed.


The Inner Earth humans are very spiritually evolved and peaceful. Their presence has always assisted Earth to survive. They look like Nordic people and are very fit and healthy. They don’t die of sickness or disease. Through many generations of contact they know Star People well. They have Soul Origins as other humans and return to Origin when they choose to leave the body form. They will be reunited with us in Sheen.

Crafts and Hollow Earth

UFOs have long been associated with Hollow Earth, but the real connection has always been Pleiadians. Inner Earth humans fly in crafts but they don’t have their own ships. They only fly with Pleiadians. Some of them have been taken to the Pleiades and other worlds, which is made possible through Pleiadian technology.

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You Are Far More Divine That You Can Comprehend!

Let Us Take A Journey Back In Timelessness Where Spirit Moved In A Frequency Of Awareness.

Without The Name Of Beginning, This Force Knew Itself And No Being Has Ever Touched The Unseen Spirit That Created All Life!

This Frequency Knew Itself Without Plans. Without Judgement. Without Desire. Without Becoming Anything.

Exploding Into The Ethers Of Nothingness It Grew To Be Consciousness And The Awareness Became Heightened.
It Became Feeling And Each Movement Within The Field It Was Creating, Brought A Ripple Of Something New.

It Expanded Further And The Power Grew And It Experienced Itself In Light With Explosions Of Color And Particles.

The Heat Came And It Reacted With More Explosive Power Creating Suns And Pieces Of Beauty That Would Become Stars.

Consciousness Grew. But In This Moment There Was Intention.

The Knowing Of Itself Was Undeniable. It Moved Forward And Created Fire And Water From Spirit.

It Had No Name For Spirit As It Continued To Explode Into Multiverses.

With Intention And Awareness, Life Desired To Experience Itself In Every Way Possible.

It’s Light Shown Brightly With The Expression Of Elohim. They Lived. They Were Expressions Of Spirit.

The Forces Of Heat And Rocks Were Formed Into Stars That Were Near Suns.

Color Was Expressed From Spirit As It Identified With Itself. More Beauty And High Frequencies Of Tones Were Placed In An Area That Infinity Would Call The First Souls. The Elohim.
Pleiadians Were The First Beings To Begin Life On A Star. Taygeta Was The Name That Earth Knows Now.

To The Souls That Were Created, There Were No Names. They Looked With Created Eyes And Felt Emotions With Crystal Hearts. The Great Spirit Lived Within Them And They Grew In Power And Their Own Creative Ability.
For This Reason, Many Elohim Races View Life In ONENESS.

If You Are Hearing This Communication, You Are Part Of God (Elako), The Divine.

This Quantum Field Is A Living Spirit That Reacts And Interacts With You.

NEIOH via Family of Taygeta #ufo #magick familyoftaygeta.com

In These Moments, We Will Share A Race That Many Have Spoken About, Yet None Have Given Accurate Information. As Stories Spread After These Beings Were Seen, Only Mystery Remained.

These Sacred Beings Are Known To You As Blue Avians. As All Beings And Races Are Being Revealed, Understand That Their Appearance Is Quite Different From Yours.

Created By God-Source Allows You To Understand The Sacred Essence Of The Divine Soul.

Blue Avians Are Incarnated Now On Earth But In A Very Small Number. About 30,000 Are Mixed In Families Of Beautiful Starseeds From The Higher Realms.
Blue Avians Do Visit Earth In Body Form And Are Shapeshifters That Can Appear As Humans In Common Areas. They Enjoy Watching You And Interacting In Loving Ways. They Do Not Remain But The Experience Is Rewarding. They Also Enter Astral 4-D Often To Explore And Enjoy The Beauty. Being Fearless, They Walk Or Fly Among The Darkest Of Beings.

Their Appearance Is Having A Beautiful Blue Body That Stands 12 Feet Tall. Their Skin Is Soft And Covered With Downy Short Feathers. They Have Powerful Wings That Allow Them Flight In Any Location. Their Wingspan Is 20 Feet With 10 Feet On Each Side. They Have Crafts On Their Star But Often Project Their Form Into Deep Space. The Inside Of Their Body Is Composed Of Many Metals And Allows Them To Breathe Gasses In Space Such As Argon, Radium, Helium, Xenon, Krypton And Neon.

Fairies Live On Their Planet And Commune With Them Often. Their Food Is Small Soft Pebbles That Are Multicolored And Easy To Consume. Their Children Play Games And Enjoy Tiny Animals That Run Across The Ground Quickly With 8 legs. They Resemble Rabbits Without Ears. Most Of Them Are Pink And Orange. They Are Called VAL.
Blue Avians Are Loving And Kind. They Have No War And There Is Not A Leader As They Live Equally As One. They Look Forward To The Grand Shift And They Love Earth Very Much!
The Light Will Open Your Path!

I Love You So!