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Homophobic is a term coined by a group of people who have defined all heterosexual sex as rape, who consider the family unit and child bearing as oppressive and part of the patriarchy that perpetuates the male privilege of female bondage and submission for his sexual rape pleasure, who have defined heterosexuality as a political regime and as an oppressive political regime and have defined heteronormativity as rape culture. These people are Marxists who believe that to change a political regime that it cannot be internally reformed but must be violently overthrown with revolution of which subversion is but one tactic. That's Marxism 101.


What's even more ironic is that it has now surfaced as further virtue signalling that calling someone a retard or a moron or a mongoloid is now offensive as it stigmatizes and marginalizes and stifles the voices of people with real syndromes. The very same people that hold this view bandy about the term phobic when there are people who do suffer from actual phobias and yet these people get stigmatized, marginalized and silenced.

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I just saw (Tuesday) the above video and I wholly agree with the premise of being transgendered as a result of reincarnation (or should I say, of reincarnation gone wrong).

Scientists just love to talk about fetal hormones playing a part in brain development as well as physical anatomy, and that when the two don't match, the result is someone who is transgendered.

But there's something more important going on here. When you select a new body, you are generally choosing among a group of bodies that are already nearly fully developed. It's like buying a car at a car lot -- the cars are already built; it mainly comes down to a matter of choosing which one you like.

I don't know exactly when the assumption (entering and claiming a body) is supposed to take place, but I remember I picked up this one a day before it was born.

Getting back to the transgendered -- it's mainly a thing where the thetan wants a body of one gender but gets stuck with the other model. I know of two (ex-)Scientologists, both heavily into Scientology and the Sea Org, who were a happily married man and woman in an earlier life, but were two men in this one. The one who was the wife was transgendered, no doubt in a (subconcious?) urge to get back to the happiness that was that earlier life. They are both now deceased, but anyone would recognize their names.

One way of resolving this dilemma would be to have a gay relationship -- but the one who was the husband was an old-fashioned, 1950's-style homophobe, making that impossible. Another method that people have used is for one of them to marry the other guy's sister, so they would be family and have a excuse to pal around with each other.