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The Pentagon UFO report isn’t, in our view, a psyop. It’s just a way of telling the public sort of what’s going on.

What are we talking about?

It’s not about the UFOs, per se.

It’s about the coronavirus so many of us caught, and the fact it may be a two-stage designer virus with a second stage that is fatal — an incurable prion disorder in the brain.

Sorry you had to hear it from us here at FULCRUM.

I’m so sorry for humanity. And have to say, if the Pentagon phoning Greys on Zeta Reticuli is literally their best shot for getting us out of what’s ahead — well, that’s one Hail Mary.

Our full explanation, it’s a mind bender:


I hope it’s true, about the Greys being real and wanting to help us. Because the more you read about incurable prion disease, hey, scary stuff. Always knew intuitively without any proof until now that COVID19 was so much worse than the authorities were telling us. Something did not add up. Now, it may.