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Welcome to the Imperial Germans Information website. This site focuses on spreading the information of the existence of the Imperial Germans or Reichsdeutsche (RDs) in German. The Imperial Germans are the Germans that live in the Inner Earthen colony of New Swabia. The capital city of New Swabia is New Berlin.

The Imperial Germans are responsible for most UFO sightings on Earth. Not all UFO sightings are of Imperial German origin. According to Dr. Steven Greers’ Disclosure Project and now Sirius Disclosure there are several stellar civilizations visiting Earth.

It is the webmaster’s belief that the Imperial Germans are the so called Army of God that will intervene during the Zionist orchestrated World War 3. This army would be led by a messianic figure, the so called Jesus Christ figure or Third Sargon from the Sajahan Prophecies.

It is the purpose of this website to spread awareness of the truth about this Hidden Force that is out there. The Imperial Germans know the truth about what really happened during World War 2. That the Third Reich was a rebellion against global ZOG control and tyranny. The Imperial Germans stand in the light of truth and never wanted war. They will help end the endless wars instigated by the Satanic Elites that control us. The Imperial Germans and the Federation of Light want universal peace and understanding. Hopefully after finding out the truth you will see the Imperial Germans as your natural allies against Global Zionist Tyranny.

The Imperial Germans are here to help us out. They will save our brothers and sisters from white genocide. Their ships in the sky and in space are beacons of hope for our people. One day everybody will know the truth on the Imperial Germans.

NaturalNobility #crackpot #racist #ufo #conspiracy imperialgermans.com

The Imperial Germans are the Germans that left Germany at the end of the war in 1945. These people fled a war of annihilation against their people. The target of the Zionist cartels that controlled both the United States and the Soviet Union, was the total annihilation of the German people.
It is a fact that Zionist Jews orchestrated World War 2 and World War 1. They could not tolerate anyone to be independent and free. The Zionist Jews feared that the system Hitler had created: an interest free monetary system without the use of interests or the compounded interest function. He promoted class cooperation instead of class competition and struggle. The Third Reich boomed economically. The Rothschild Family could no longer exploit Germany as it was doing with all other Zionist Occupied Governments around the world. This is why in 1933 International Jewry declared war against Germany.
Nevertheless the German High command made contingency plans for the war’s loss. Hitler had planned far ahead and expected eventually to lose Germany to the Zionist controlled Allies and Soviet Hordes. He knew that the Zionist Jews would never give up on destroying him and his people. Therefore he planned with his closest associates the exodus of chosen German people to South America and Antarctica. Adolf Hitler believed that the Earth was hollow.
The Imperial Germans have been in contact with the Aldebaranic Aryans from the Taurus Constellation and are a Type 1 Stellar Civilization in our Solar System. They have bases on the Moon and Mars and are travelling the cosmos as we speak. The Imperial Germans will help liberate the world on Judgment Day.

NaturalNobility #crackpot #conspiracy #racist #ufo #fundie imperialgermans.com

The Third World War would be horrific but not a total nuclear war. The Chinese would be the first to make use of their nuclear arsenal. The Year the war starts there would be a mild winter and a good harvest for Europe. The wheat will still be able to be harvested but not the oats. The Russian attack would happen without anybody expecting it and they would advance really quickly. Here they would be stopped by a military force with weapons that no other state owns (The so-called Imperial Germans). During the war a powerful leader will emerge. It is the webmaster’s belief that this is the so-called Jesus Christ figure, Vishnu Kalki, Third Sargon, Messiah or Avenger. According to the Sajahan Prophecies the Third Sargon or Jesus Christ would emerge from the Land of the Midnight Mountain or Germany. This leader would lead the defense forces against the Russians and pass Judgment on all Mankind.
Most countries in the world revert to the natural way of ruling, Monarchy. Germany would get a New Kaiser and become a new Kaiser Reich. All former German territories would be returned to Germany. Even Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Switzerland and even Italy will join the New German Kaiser Reich. Poland will get a king. Russia will get a new Tsar. Once the Zionist Jews are removed from power globally the natural nobility will take up rulership in these countries. The 1000-year Golden Age will then begin. We will no longer need weapons of mass destruction because war will be a thing of the past. The Zionist will no longer instigate wars, famines or revolutions. The world will know peace for the first time since this war began thousands of years ago.