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Anonymous #moonbat #racist #sexist literotica.com

(NOTE: For context, this is a comment in reaction to a NonConsent-themed erotic story about a Latina police detective “blessed” with certain abnormally-large body parts, who is blackmailed by a mafia member/police informer to “massage” a certain body part of his with said body parts of hers in front of a policeman heavily implied to be her romantic partner, in exchange for extremely valuable information)


Just wow.

Every single time I think white, male Americans can't possibly sink any lower, you guys do it anyway.

"who doesn't love big caramel latina tits?"

Fucking really? That is your explanation for why, in this day and age, in this political climate, with the situation in your country being what it is, with THAT situation at the border, you dared to write a fetishizing, exoticizing, exploitative, racist, sexist bunch of crap like this?

Let me guess, I can look forward to seeing you and the inbreds who favourited this pile of crap on the nearest Trump/"Straight pride" rallies, can I?

Like, I understand it, this is simply your primitive, primal, primate instincts as a male of the dominant group working as they should. After exploiting their men, throwing them in prisons for no reason and deporting them, after throwing their children into concentration camps to be abused and raped, of course you sick fucks would continue by fetishizing their women.

I understand it. It still makes me sick.

Such a shame though, you seem like a decent writer, but the world would be a better place without people like you. Waste of talent tbh.