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Unpopular Opinion: Brock Turner was innocent

Meet girl at frat party.
Shes 3 or 4 years older then you (your not even of legal drinking age), has a history of drinking till she blacks out.
Leave party with her.
Make out behind dumpster, finger bang her.
2 Mormon Swedes roll up and accuse you of raping an unconscious woman.
They say you tried to run, you say you went to puke.
Paramedics say her level of unconscious was not responding to yelling but responded to touch and pinch test and had no problem puking/spitting.

All happened around 1am.
Phone records show she was texting her boyfriend up till it all happened.

Brock's power and money is why he got 6 months for finger banging a drunk girl behind a dumpster and not years like they wanted.
Now that accusers name is known comparing Brocks family home prices at 300k seems small to accusers family having a 4 million dollar mansion.
Which family had the 'financial power'?

Accuser could..
1. Tell the cops/act raped
2. Be the girl who cheated on her boyfriend, sloppy drunk as usual...behind a dumpster.

Now have a HUGE book deal and be a 'survivor'

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I thought about it, and why not?

It's super easy in NJ now. All you need is to fill out a form. No doctors, no surgery etc..and only like $6!

I get all the male privilege and now I get lady privilege!

I can Metoo my co-workers and/or blame any shit I get on my sex/identity

If I get arrested..I've seen Orange is the New Black 😎 "Niiiice"

Boat sinks, me and the children come first!

War breaks out? Good luck fellas? (Tho I think I'm to old anyway *shrug*

But seriously, why not? What do I have to lose?

I'm gonna be a male presenting female lesbian basically? I'm gonna get sooo much social cout!

Who's with me! Lady GAF...let's do this!

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Welcome to Trumps America where the media colludes against the president to release fake news. Where a gay black man needs to import oppression from Nigeria. Where a Stolen Valor liar can harass a young boy and become the victim. Where a red hat is enough to call for the death of children. Where your support for a president is enough for you to not get service, be harrassed, or assaulted. Where the pronouns we used are policed. Where you are forced to be attracted to someone. Where women are set up to be destroyed in sports. Where we have the sanctioning of the murder of babies. Where a witch hunt has gone on for 2 years all based off a fake dossier created by the losing political party. Where the the FBI outgoing president spies on a candidate and leaks the names of American's on wire taps got leaked. Where open calls for socialisim run rampant. Where the rights of non citizens are put over the lives of citizens.

This is Trumps America. Not the BS spewed by SJW's and never Trumpers deranged with TDS. Trumps America didn't turn into a fascits hell hole because of Trump, its because of them. Because they want to control what American's can wear, can say, can act, and any dissenting opinions are quickly dismissed as racisim and bigotry. Projection at its finest. All the things they actually do are the things they say Trumps America would become.

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15-year old girl gang-raped near high school after homecoming dance

I can't find a single shred of fault on the girls part. Lock these kids up or remove their penises.

Other than the fact that she willingly drank alcohol at an illegal age? Don't give me that.

Question, fellas: What would have been your reaction towards her if she were your daughter/sister?

Stupid question. Better question. What if your son was one of those rapists? You gonna send him to jail?

If I had a son who took part in the gang-rape of a young girl, I'd drive him to jail myself.

Sorry, but I believe you like I believe in Santa Claus being real.

You wouldn't turn in your child if they were guilty of rape? Love or not, the law applies to everybody, and if my child is unstable enough to rape somebody, who's to say that they won't hurt me in some way?

Um fuck no. If I had a son I would do anything to keep him out of jail. I don't want him to lose 5 years of his life in some pisshole no matter what he did. Why do you think people's parents go kill people who rape/kill their kids? They would do anything for them

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This is honestly not a joke thread.
And I'm not saying Nintendo or Game Freak were involved.

Today, it's been discovered that Russian meddling extended to Pokemon Go among other social media platforms.

First, I have to show off my Pokemon knowledge and make the joke that Team Rocket are off-handedly said to have a branch in Russia in RBY/FRLG, located in either Tiksi or Podkamennaya Tunguska depending on which localization you're using.

But, my main point is that the release of Sun and Moon always irked me. Not the official release, that was the 18th of November, but the release a large amount of the Internet was waiting for was when the games would be leaked to the net and we'd be able to digest everything they had to offer. It happened with X&Y, and it was sure to happen to Sun and Moon...but when?

November 8th, 2016. The day of the election. Now I don't know if this was something that was planned longterm, but when it happened I found it rather funny. I went to the election booth myself and made sure to vote, but otherwise I was glued to my computer until I had to go to work as the information drifted out. I know we had quite a few people on GAF doing the same thing.

But the leak originated on the 4chan Pokemon Board, /vp/. Now we don't know anything about the person who was leaking it, other than they went by the tag "Lurantis" and had acquired the game through some illicit means. They were careful about what they posted to protect their identity, and generally secretive---now it most circumstances this isn't suspicious. I mean it is technically since what he's doing is illegal, but otherwise most people who leak games are secretive.

That being said, with the idea that Russia loved to meddle with the election the secretiveness takes on a whole different level---was this one of Russia's many Social Media strategists doing this specifically on Election Day? As to why they would do it, well, a lot of young folks probably weren't eager to get out and vote in the first place, and those who might have would've likely skipped out on it if something better came along---say, learning about all the cool new stuff in Sun and Moon? Sure, /vp/ may be seen as Trump voters and thus working against that, but I imagine /vp/ was the best way to get it to spread around the more liberal areas of the net and the net benefit of distracting young Hillary voters probably outweighed those who would've voted Trump.

So, that's my theory. Someone with ties to Russia, or sympathetic to Trump, obtained an early copy of Sun and Moon and leaked it to the Internet on Election Day to distract young liberals from going to the polls.