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Incidentally many today have suggested that the recent “chemtrails” phenomenon” (the inexplicable covert and secret dissemination of toxic nanoparticle and chemicals into our breathable atmosphere in massive quantities using airliners), is in fact a crazed Jewish conspiracy whereby a formula is produced calculating the estimated number of people who will die of cancer as a direct result of the chemtrailing, and that this estimate is used to some sort of sinister Jewish religious ritual as being representative of a number of Jewish human sacrifices.

Chemtrails may be a deliberate attempt to remotely instigate Jewish occultic homicidal rituals on the unsuspecting gentile population, thus avoiding the inevitable pogroms that resulted from more direct Jewish homicidal rituals in the past.

While there is no direct evidence to fully substantiate this, it remains a fact that chemtrails appear to be real and recent phenomenon. I once believed that the absurd officials about the cardinal Globalist hoaxes of 9/11, “climate change” and the so called “holocaust” were real. It therefore wouldn’t stretch my imagination too far to consider the above claim to be at the very least partly true.


Jews have of course been banned from entering or residing in England on pain of death since 1290, but where Jews have not been banned it is vital that they are forced to don bright yellow markers such as this pointy coned hat, so that the citizenry is able to more readily identify malicious scams and atrocious acts of sexual and/or homicidal mischief perpetrated against the public.