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Is Mike Adams a Zionist Agent?

We are doubling down on the Wuhan virus as a Zionist attack on China. Mike Adams of Natural News, has put out a headline we consider to be absolute total bullshit and therefore an indicator — weak but none the less — that he could be a Zionist media asset or sayonim. Wuhan is at the intersection of biological warfare, electromagnetic warfare, and information warfare. China is under attack. We urge our President to consult with the General Secretary and give China the benefit of the doubt.

Natural News: China launches biological warfare agenda; covertly infiltrates Wuhan evacuation plane with “Trojan horse” carrier of the coronavirus to infect all passengers headed to Taiwan

Alert Reader reports: Adams is married to a Taiwanese citizen from a wealthy family; he met her while studying in Taiwan and reportedly speaks Chinese. He is a self-promoter, loves money, wants to be a guru — he may not be inherently evil but struck people who got to know him as being easily compromisable.

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Oroville Dam is False Flag Extortion by State of California with Malice Aforethought

The evidence is in. The Oroville Dam “failure” is contrived. There is video evidence of an explosion displacing some of the otherwise perfect concrete that was once part of the emergency spillway, and there is visible evidence that the emergency spillway was tampered with.

There is also documentation of many warning to the California state authorities that were deliberately ignored and even maligned. It is only now, with Donald Trump as President, that the State of California officials have decided to extort money ($100 billion) from the federal government and challenge Donald Trump with a contrived false flag disaster. This disaster was a man-made event that should be investigated by the FBI.