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In a way, the Mission Rahma began in December 1973 when a Peruvian family and friends interested in UFO research attempted a telepathic form of automatic writing after listening to a well-known parapsychologist dwelling on the possibility of using this method to communicate with space faring civilizations.

The first extraterrestrial to come through referred of himself as Oxalc and claimed to come from a semi-underground technologically advanced marvelous community found in Ganymede, a moon orbiting Jupiter.
Luis Maertens my dear friend has been part of these contacts and has visited the Golden Disc of the Sun in the sacred inner Retreat of the Great White Brotherhood as well as being transported to the Ganymede Jupiter Portal Station. He has been to Venus and has content telepathic communication and continues in his Rama mission.
Since the beginning of our contact experience in 1974, we have gone through different stages and experiences that have eventually led us to the brotherly encounter with the masters of the White Brotherhood. In Mission Rahmas current seventh stage (also called The Seventh of RAHMA ) our work deals more intensely with the guardians of the subterranean world and with the spiritual treasure they protect. The importance of this treasure, explicitly, the Planetary and Cosmic History, is crucial. If we were to understand our real past, as a logical consequence, we would understand the present and, based on this, build a different future.

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This Promise Light Watch is actually a laser watch that purifies the blood. This device you wear on your wrist like watch on the inside of your wrist. It is very simple to use and it also works to strengthen the blood. I love it very much as it has been instrumental in the healing of my Diabetes. This watch is incredible.

However, the watch has been instrumental in removing sugar from my blood, increasing circulation to my nerve damaged feet. It also has normalized and fixed my Cholesterol levels, LDLs and HDLs! My naturopath doctor said she has never seen such improvement so fast! The results are amazing if used 45 minutes a day 5 days a week for 90 days as the studies suggest and prove it will work.

Very good adjunct to any other healing program especially for heart disease of all types. This is one of my favorite products as it really works I highly recommend it.

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This is a portable Sleeping Pyramid System can also be used in any space indoors or outdoors. It can be a meditation chamber and is a quite attractive. This amazing, durable and beautiful design can go over your bed to help your etheric body be protected from EMF, ELF, and RF & 5G frequencies while sleeping. When we sleep our bodies actually recharge like a battery off of the earth’s magnetism. Having this larger Promise Pyramid over your bed acts as a Faraday Cage and aids the body in recharging the aura.
Sleeping under a pyramid enhances dreams and makes them more memorable especially in the beginning. If you do not try to remember your dreams in a short time the novelty of the energies of pyramid energy will dissipate, and remembering your dreams will like before when you did not sleep under a pyramid.

If you choose this beginning time of sleeping under a tool to practice remembering your dreams you can learn the art of dreaming easier. I can say this; you will need less sleep overall for sure when you sleep under a pyramid.

This device is also very functional as the ultimate Feng Shei enhancer. It can even be used as a functional art piece. It can be set up in a well-trafficked area of your home to add a sense of calm. It can be used in a meditation room while inspiring a healing vibration. This device is easy to assemble and it beautifully made and comes in a durable white powder coat paint. it comes in several sizes the most popular is 8ft base about 5 1/2 feet height or the 9 ft base that is about 6 feet in height.

It also comes with a stunningly beautiful Gold-Plated Capstone!