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SuicideFuel Bitter pill to swallow for ricecels: we are inferior to white men in every possible way

White men outclass us in every single attribute: height, frame, masculinity, facial aesthetics, wealth, social status, cultural dominance, strength, athleticism, penis size... even in terms of "personality" white men are far more likely to be dominant, outgoing and NT while Asians are meek and neurotic. Even the one supposed saving grace for Asian men that we have higher IQ (so we can betabuxx better jfl) is a straight up delusion: 99% of the technology we use everyday has been invented by white men.

One of the most blackpilling testimonies I've read was from a noodlewhore "massage therapist" in Brazil who described the physical differences between Asian and non-Asian clients: the Asians were all skinny and devoid of muscles whereas the non-Asians were muscular even if they never visited a gym in their life. A trained Asian would still have a worse body than an untrained non-Asian. She even went as far as comparing the builds of non-Asians and Asians to those of adults and children.

So yes, whites (and others) mog us brutally. I know some people here will call me a self-hater and "fuck YT" or whatever, but why would any woman choose an Asian man? What are ricecels better at than white men? I can't think of a single thing outside of autistic shit like LoL or math olympiads. Ideally I think Asian men should self-segregate: go back to Asia, kick out all the white sexpats and close the borders. Force noodlewhores to be with us by depriving them of any contact with whites. That's the only way I see for Asian men to have a future.

White nationalists don't hate asian men. Why do you just blatently make garbage up? White Nationalists openly admit that Asians score higher on IQ tests. The only races that White nationalists truly hate are Blacks and Jews.

True, I don't mind actual white nationalists, just the sexpats who want to cuck us and miscegenate with noodlewhores.



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